Ten year plan to tackle root causes of ill health agreed

Health / Mon 19th Dec 2022 at 11:43am

AN ambitious 10 year plan to tackle the root causes of ill health in Hertfordshire and west Essex was agreed last week.

In a public meeting at County Hall in Hertford, the board of the new Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Partnership agreed the strategy, which has six priorities for action over the next decade.


The Partnership’s 28 member organisations represent voluntary and community groups, district, borough and county councils, the patient voice organisation Healthwatch, the police, social care providers and NHS organisations.  They all have an important part to play in making Hertfordshire and west Essex a healthy and safe place to live and work for its 1.6 million population. 

Together, they have pledged to take action to:

  • give every child the best start in life
  • support our communities and places to be healthy and sustainable
  • support our residents to maintain healthy lifestyles
  • enable our residents to age well and support people living with dementia
  • improve support to people living with life-long conditions, long term health conditions, physical disabilities, and their families
  • improve our residents’ mental health and outcomes for those with learning disabilities and autism. 

Cllr Richard Roberts, Leader of Hertfordshire County Council, Chair of Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Partnership, and Chair of Hertfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board said:

“Caring for our residents’ wellbeing and supporting those who face the biggest challenges to living healthy, independent lives, is at the heart of everything we do in Hertfordshire and west Essex. This strategy sets out the ways in which we will work to ensure that everyone can live, work and play in healthy and safe communities, with the opportunities and support they need to thrive.” 

The Rt. Hon. Paul Burstow, Chair of the Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board said:

“We have developed our 10 year strategy by listening to the views and experiences of residents and staff, looking at the information which shows where the needs are greatest, and focusing our attention where we believe we can make the biggest positive impact together.”

“Lots of our residents face really tough challenges every day. They may have had a difficult start in life, a mental health need or a physical or learning disability, or are living with the daily responsibility of caring for a loved one who is unwell or ageing.  By prioritising the people who most need our help, we will build fairer, stronger, healthier communities that benefit everyone”. 

Cllr John Spence, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, Essex County Council, said: 

“Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic showed what can be achieved when communities come together to support each other, and county and district councils, the NHS, and the voluntary and community sector work together with a common aim. With our combined commitment, expertise and resources, our partnership will help to deliver the priorities identified in this strategy together, building a brighter, healthier future for everyone who lives and works in our area. We want everyone to enjoy the very best that Hertfordshire and west Essex have to offer.” 

Now that six priorities for our area have been agreed, work will continue in the new year to engage the public, staff and volunteers who want to get involved in agreeing how those priorities should be delivered in the years ahead.

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2 Comments for Ten year plan to tackle root causes of ill health agreed:

2022-12-19 15:59:59

Maybe I’m getting old but this isn’t a strategy, (which is defined as a plan of actions designed to achieve a long term aim) but a statement of aims. A plan would be “we are going to fund 25 more home helps or 10 more beds in a care home or 25 more mental health nurses “. Oh yes this costs money so nothing is ever going to happen. You can have as many meetings as you like but until this country finds ways to spend more on its social services then nothing is going to change.

Colin Thorpe
2022-12-19 18:31:34

The Potter Street Health and Wellbeing Hub Trust put forward a plan to make these ideals come to fruition but our proposal has been turned down on the basis of cost. Talk comes cheap action takes money

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