Eleven arrested at police dawn raids in Harlow as part of drugs and violent crime investigation

Crime / Tue 20th Dec 2022 at 01:48pm

SPECIALIST anti-drug officers have this morning arrested 11 people as part of a complex investigation into the supply of Class A drugs and the serious violence associated with that in Harlow.

Strike teams comprised of officers from Operation Raptor, Operational Support Group, Harlow community policing team and the west Disruptor executed warrants at 14 addresses, including in Harlow, Hertfordshire and London, at about 5am this morning, Tuesday 20 December.

Eleven people were arrested on suspicion of drug offences, including conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.


They all remain in custody for questioning and officers are continuing to search a number of properties.

Their investigation was launched in April 2022 after they noted rise in the number of incidents of serious violence in Harlow which we were then able to link to the supply of Class A drugs.

They worked very closely with colleagues in the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) to identify a number of people who they now believe to be involved.

Throughout the investigation, they have also been able to identify other forms of harm connected to drug supply, with one person being identified as a domestic abuse perpetrator, who has been arrested and charged as well as a vulnerable boy who has now been safeguarded.

Chief Superintendent Andrew Waldie, who has overseen the operation, said: “Drug supply and the serous violence which very often goes alongside it are simply not tolerated in Essex.

“Our dedicated teams work 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to disrupt and dismantle gangs.

“Even in the days before Christmas, we are targeting those who we believe are causing the highest harm in our communities. We are relentless in our pursuit against them.”

Ch Supt Waldie added: “Our work, of course, does not stop here. Officers will now question those who have been arrested as they build a case to be put to the Crown Prosecution Service.

“Our commitment to our communities is unwavering. Today’s strike is just one element we’re using in this operation.”

Chief Superintendent Jenny Barnett, West Local Policing Area commander, added: “Today’s enforcement is the result of a great deal of work by teams across the west of Essex and it is a real testament to our one-team approach.

“Of course, as strong as our teams are, we cannot do this alone and we work very closely with our partners, both in law enforcement, through ERSOU, and more locally, with Harlow Council and local NHS services in order to tackle not just drug supply but also the root causes of drug use within our community.”

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8 Comments for Eleven arrested at police dawn raids in Harlow as part of drugs and violent crime investigation:

2022-12-20 14:13:05

Well done guys

Bruce Downey
2022-12-20 15:17:07

Encrypted & smartphones can be hacked by the old bill.. drug dealers are getting reeled in. 🎣

2022-12-20 20:00:16

Did you get them horrible lot from terminus house

Luke Burton
2022-12-20 20:17:38

Life imprisonment please.

Jim jones
2022-12-21 12:14:35

R.I.P to the fallen crackheads in designers

Ian G
2022-12-21 14:15:27

This used to go on all the time at the pub I went to. Doesn’t matter who goes to prison, there will always be someone to take their place. Sentences are to soft for those peddling drugs.

2022-12-21 20:42:12

Who pays for the damage to property when the police get the wrong address details and just break the door in.

2022-12-23 10:09:13

Nice 1 raz!! Who gets framed more like! Anyway newsflash maris-pipers 19 pence tesco beat it

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