Harlow Council Deputy Leader delighted at purchase of Harvey Centre and Occasio House

Business / Wed 21st Dec 2022 at 09:48am

HARLOW Council has just announced the purchase of the Harvey Centre for £21 million and Occasio House for £1 million.

With work already underway for over 800 homes in the town centre, further purchases to be made and further work to begin in Terminus Street in the New Year, we went up to the town centre to speak to the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, cllr Dan Swords to find out a little bit more about these two particular purchases.

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15 Comments for Harlow Council Deputy Leader delighted at purchase of Harvey Centre and Occasio House:

Kim Oconnor
2022-12-21 10:14:49

Strange how you all come up with money for your vanity project s, but none in pot for the people of Harlow. Guttering overflowing House repairs, not getting done Over 5000 people on housing list. State of Roads, utter disgrace. Bungalow s for the disabled THE LISTS GO ON. We need you to put people before profit. No ones saying that the town centre doesn't need regeneration.But the people first. Houses for people on waiting list first. Not unaffordable housing estates that no one can afford. And NOT at the expense of the green belt. Harlow is not a garden town, as much as you want to paint it, sir Frederick would turn in his grave, to see plans you have for our beautiful river stort valley, he would never destroy such ecco systems. How do I know, because my father and his brothers helped build this town, and it was built with green belt in mind. Something you are all completely ignoring. How can you put a 4 lane road bridge across our river, and build on wet lands, with out destroying such ecco systems. You are all deluded.

Tony Durcan
2022-12-21 12:08:11

The actual work that may start early next year is from the private company building private homes only, nothing more.

Joanne Carrington
2022-12-21 12:12:01

I can't endorse Kim's comments enough. Are Harlow council taking the proverbial ? I have been charged 16K for repairs to my 1 bedroom flat ! I only have 10 years before I retire and constantly worry and have sleepless nights about being made homeless if I cannot manage to pay the 16K Shocking behavior and now boasting about spending 21 Million pounds Not a funny joke when we are all struggling with the cost of living Shameful truly shameful!!!!

2022-12-21 12:21:10

This kid has probably never had a real job in his life. Get a brush and make your self look presentable young man.

2022-12-21 13:12:13

This is going to end in tears.

2022-12-21 15:18:39

Tony, I’m afraid you are wrong. The Councils Towns Fund schemes start early in the new year as referenced in the interview.

2022-12-21 18:07:15

This is another concrete action fully consistent with the current administration’s election pledge to undertake real regeneration of the Town Centre. This tackles an eyesore that was left for several years by the previous Labour administration that was always devoid of ideas and initiatives. This will help in the development and enhancement of a much needed cultural quarter within the Town Centre.

luke Burton
2022-12-21 19:08:34

He's still doing that faux Boris Johnson thing with his mannerisms?

2022-12-21 19:11:45

We do not want more homes for anybody else but the people of this Town needing somewhere to live. Sort out the Town so it is livable for us that are already trying to live here, the place is a shambles. Pocket liners the lot of you....

Tony Durcan
2022-12-21 20:05:53

None of the business leaders of the town centre have been told when to expect the bulldozer in to pull down the bus station. The bus company haven’t been told about the relocation of the bus station. Bus users are not aware either All due to start in the next 2 months. Who will they blame this time. My guess Putin

2022-12-21 22:02:16

Tony, above you said the bus station wasn’t happening, now you’re saying it is. You said nothing would be done in the town centre and it was all “lies and bribes” but you were proven wrong. You said no one’s been told, but they’ve all been written to as part of the planning process alone. You change like a weather vein in a storm, the only consistent thing is the fact you delivered no such regeneration in your time as portfolio holder.

2022-12-21 23:45:18

One wonders how exactly this money will be paid back? Paid back by whom & by when? Will our Council tax be increased to cover the costs because I for one do not approve of your purchases so will not be contributing towards the repayments!! Borrowing money when interest rates are due to soar sky high is a stupid & irresponsible move!! What are the plans for Ocassio house? Demolish or repair? The building doesnt appear on the artist sketch for Playhouse square?? All this money & the 'levelling up' grant hasnt even been approved yet!! What a joke!! What a bloody shambles!! This council is an absolute disgrace & a laughing stock!!

2022-12-22 01:07:30

Marge, 1. Regeneration was a manifesto pledge made by the current administration. 2. If you actually bothered to read the details instead of shooting from the hip, you would see that the Council is permitted to borrow funds at long terms and at FIXED rates so that rising short-term interest rates have no impact. 3. Check the very thorough business case undertaken by independent specialist consultants and the scrutiny carried out. 4. Forget the building, which is an eyesore and full of asbestos cladding, it is the value of the land that counts. At £ 1 m it is a great deal for the town. One would expect the building to be demolished at the first opportunity. 5.You really needed to do your homework and check the facts before uttering nonsense otherwise you do risk becoming a ‘laughing stock’.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-12-23 08:48:13

Hi Tom. Where can I find the business case? The Cabinet and Full Council meetings on 17 November were held behind closed doors. The report runs to 279 pages I believe?

Nicholas Taylor
2022-12-30 20:05:16

Any answer Tom?

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