Help Essex Police tackle drink and drug driving in Harlow

Crime / Wed 21st Dec 2022 at 08:44am

ESSEX Police is asking you to help tackle drink and drug driving this Christmas by using the three Ps and help prevent, persuade and report drink drivers this Christmas.

Leading their response to tackle the issue, Inspector Matt Crow, said: “This year we’re asking everyone to work together to keep our roads safe, both police and the public because #drinkdrivingtogetherwecanstopit.

“It’s a campaign based on the three Ps – prevent, persuade and police.

“By preventing drink driving, we can minimise the risk posed to all road users. Think about planning your evening in advance and how you can get home safely. Can you ask someone for a lift? Can you take a taxi? Could you walk to the venue and back home again?

“Could you persuade someone not to drink or drug drive? Be a designated driver this Christmas. Allow someone to crash at your house to stay safe? Call them a taxi or ask a sober person to take them home?

“I appreciate it’s not an easy ask, but could you ask them to give you their car keys? That way, they won’t get behind the wheel.

“If you’ve tried all those options, then, as a last resort, the third p is police – call us.

“No one should get behind the wheel after they’ve been driving, the same goes for the following morning. It takes a while to sober up and if you’ve been drinking late into the night, you might not be ready to drive the next morning. We catch drivers out that way.

“We ask drivers to think about their future and how a drink or drug conviction would impact their life: they could lose so much – their job, their relationship even their home.

“Please, don’t take the risk. The third p means police and we will enforce the law

“This year, anyone who is charged with drink or drug driving during December will be expedited through the court procedure, meaning that you could be charged to appear in court within 48 hours of your arrest and disqualified from driving.”

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