Harvey Centre: Quick thinking security team praised after two shoppers suffers cardiac arrest

Entertainment / Sat 24th Dec 2022 at 11:34am

MEMBERS of the ASG Security team provided essential first aid support to two visitors during a recent traumatic cardio arrest situation at the Harvey Centre.

Mark Mulligan, Jeffery Simpson, Aaron Cowan and Sarah Martino assisted in two critical first aid incidents that required fast thinking and the application of their First Aid training.  Responding to a request for assistance from one retail outlet, the team commenced first aid care and whilst doing so a second request for assistance was received in a different area of the centre.

The scenario required two applications of crucial first aid practice from the team, dealing with both cases whilst waiting for the air ambulance paramedic team and police to arrive on the scene.

Delivering first aid is part of the training that ASG provide for all their security staff, this includes appropriate CPR, use of defibrillators and a good level of general medical skills to ensure the team are capable of dealing with a broad range of potential incidents.

Bryan Young, Centre Manager at the Harvey Centre, commented: “We are very grateful for the service delivery the ASG security team provided, acting swiftly and competently and taking control of two difficult situations until the paramedic team arrived.”

ASG have been working with the Harvey Centre since April 2021 and provide security, housekeeping and maintenance teams totalling 25 members of staff, headed up by Site Manager Sarah Martino.

“The need to deliver first aid does happen on a regular basis, more so at peak times,” states Sarah.  “Our security team are the eyes and ears of our operations and are very visible, patrolling the facility at all times.  This was a particularly challenging situation, and I am deeply grateful and proud of our team members for their outstanding actions on the day.” 

ASG is a leading, independent facilities services provider, offering essential support services from cleaning to security to organisations across the UK.  

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2 Comments for Harvey Centre: Quick thinking security team praised after two shoppers suffers cardiac arrest:

2022-12-24 18:59:45

Well done to all invovled

Gail Nicholls
2022-12-25 20:06:00

Be very proud of your team very well done for a quick response

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