Dispersal Order in place after over 100 cars meet in Harlow

Crime / Mon 26th Dec 2022 at 11:08pm

A DISPERSAL order’s been put in place in a part of Harlow following complaints relating to a car meet there.

More than 100 cars have met in the Oakes Retail Park in Howard Way this evening and vehicles are also congregating in the Edinburgh Way and Burnt Mill areas.

It’s caused significant disruption to local residents and we’ve received multiple calls making complaints about noise, anti-social behaviour, and anti-social driving.

As a result we’ve acted to put a dispersal order in place which gives officers the power to direct people suspected of acting anti-socially to leave the area.

It’s in place from 9.30pm today (26 December) until 6am tomorrow (27 December).

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3 Comments for Dispersal Order in place after over 100 cars meet in Harlow:

Luke Burton
2022-12-27 10:18:22

Just crush the cars involved and put the drivers behind bars for life with no parole

2022-12-29 07:37:04

Oh no in other words the police couldn't get to mcdonald's and they might have to walk somewhere

Def con one
2023-01-01 13:31:47

Crush the cars and there prized jewels. Its then easier to deal with nut less individuals who obviously have a fair few screws loose. They are just trying to show who got a better do dah than each other if it was vehicles with bling and nos itll be wheel narrows and if not wheel narrows itll be something else. Hence cut off there jewels and like any other castrated unoc they've got nought to display but hard work... no one wants there stupid childish behaviour and no one wants to stamp it out either... so what's the answer? Nuc them all. Evaporation is quicker cleaner and cost effective. As they wont ever both society again.... anyone for the job of being a minute man! Join the que😉😂🤣😂🤣😂

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