Exclusive climate network joined by Essex County Council

Business / Mon 26th Dec 2022 at 08:57am

THE leader of Essex County Council (ECC) has set out the authority’s continued commitment to tackle climate change by signing up to the UK100.

The UK100 is a network of local authority and government leaders that work together to create and implement ambitious plans to tackle the climate crisis.

The UK100 Membership Pledge requires the County Council to:

  • Set ambitious net zero targets for greenhouse emissions of 2030 for council operations and 2050 for areawide emissions, which the county had already done in its Climate Action Plan.  
  • Report annually on greenhouse gas emissions, both for the council and for Essex as a whole. ECC has just published its Climate Action Report giving updates on actions across Essex to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase climate resilience.
  • To limit the use of carbon offsets, and if used, for these to be as local as possible.

As part of the network, ECC will be working with others across the UK to support its efforts to become net zero by 2050.

The UK100 brings together local authorities to share knowledge, collaborate and petition the UK government with their collective power.

Essex joins 106 other local authorities already part of the UK100 network.

This further supports the ambitions for a high quality Environment, set out as one of four key priorities Everyone’s Essex – the County Council’s strategic vision for the county.  

ECC Climate Czar, Cllr Peter Schwier said: “Becoming part of this network is incredibly exciting for Essex County Council as it continues its fight against climate change.”

Speaking on the County Council becoming part of the UK100, Leader of the Council Cllr Kevin Bentley said: “By signing this pledge we are increasing our capability to effectively fight climate change and work to become a net zero county.

“At Essex County Council we take tackling the climate crisis seriously and understand that to fight climate change we need to go above and beyond.

“Joining the UK100 will enable us to work with other local authorities and reap the rewards of collaboration with our counterparts from across the country.”

This is yet another step in the right direction as the Council works towards its 2050 net zero goal and the £200 million Essex Climate Action Plan continues to be implemented.

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3 Comments for Exclusive climate network joined by Essex County Council:

2022-12-26 10:04:08

Might be a good idea for Essex to stop road building and development on green belt land and other strategies that will add to and accelerate Climate change then! To name but a few projects that show Essex simply hasn't a clue :Destruction of biodiversity, habitats and air pollution as we see by the trashing of the Stort River Valley ecology by the raised road barrier into the Valley at River Way to Pye Corner, the destruction of flood plain, (called the Eastern Crossing), the pollution of it as a chalk stream, the project to build a hospital on green belt, the building of 132000 new homes around Harlow on green belt and the fake offsets, greenwashed hggt pfp green sustainable unsustainable transport plans and so many more destructive strategies. Ba Humbug! We have seen Essex and the misguided Cllrs past plans fail for decades and future "improvement" plans repeating old mistakes under their leaders who want to frack, issue licenses for the oil companies to explore for more oil, open new coal mines, throw billions of pounds at EDF for nuclear reactors that literally do not work and who have sold the family silver ( wind, water, transport and energy companies) off to foreign investors.

2022-12-26 11:03:13

Interesting fact. Co2 has been falling since the last ice age. For the last 10,000 years it’s been about 280 ppm. Over the last 200ish years we have raised this to 440ppm with a temp increase of about 1 degree. To increase by another degree we would need to push Co2 up to approx 800 ppm. This will cause serious amounts of climate change, and for sure and we can adapt. The flip side is if co2 drops below approx 150 ppm all the plant life would die and we would not be able to adapt to that.

Kim Oconnor
2022-12-27 12:47:36

Very well said as usual nosradamus as usual.

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