Public urged to consider animal welfare during New Year celebrations

Lifestyle / Wed 28th Dec 2022 at 10:23am

THE RSPCA is reminding members of the public to consider the needs of animals and their welfare as we prepare to welcome in 2023.

Fireworks are a common part of New Year’s festivities – but many animals can find them deeply distressing, and the RSPCA is reminding the public of the many practical steps which can be taken to help protect their welfare.

Pet owners have been urged to plan ahead, with action such as sound-proofing and the provision of safe enclosures all able to help reduce firework phobia among companion animals across England and Wales.

The RSPCA has been running its #BangOutOfOrder campaign for many years and is calling on the UK Government to urgently review firework regulations. As part of the campaign, a number of local authorities have also taken measures within their communities to mitigate the risk fireworks pose to animals.

Shelley Phillips, RSPCA campaigns manager, said: “As many of us celebrate the start of 2023, the festivities can also be stressful for many animals – including our pets.

“We’d like to direct those who are worried about their pets to look at our guidance online so they can hopefully undertake some measures to keep their pets safe, and to ease their pets’ fear of loud noises.

“From making sure dogs and cats are indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off, to masking firework noises, and providing pets with a safe place to hide at all times, it’s so important pet owners plan ahead.

“Small animals living outside should be provided with lots of extra bedding to allow for burrowing, whilst parts of their enclosure could be covered with a blanket to provide further sound-proofing and insulation.”

Horses, farm animals and wildlife can also be negatively affected by fireworks. The RSPCA continues to urge organisers of events to avoid letting off fireworks near where animals are kept. Horse owners should check to see if there are going to be any firework displays in their area, and talk to the organisers – explaining there are horses nearby and asking them to set off their fireworks well away from their horses and aimed in the opposite direction.

Equally the animal welfare charity urges people to use lower-noise fireworks which can make such a difference to make displays safer for everybody. 

Devastating consequences 

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3 Comments for Public urged to consider animal welfare during New Year celebrations:

2022-12-28 15:50:30

Nothing will ever change because to many people that just do not care about the suffering of animals due to fireworks. Nothing has changed at all over the years and nothing ever will unless fireworks are silenced and also just made for special organized displays on 1 day and 1 day only each and every year otherwise nothing will change.

2022-12-28 20:12:19

Equally nobody seems to care about dogs barking all day and night and crapping all over the pavement and peoples gardens. It’s two days a year we have fireworks, get over it and on new year it lasts what 10 minutes?! Dogs can be trained and precautions can be taken, just look after your dogs better and train them properly by taking responsibility and all that…

Glenda G
2022-12-29 12:37:40

Its obvious that you are not a dig person and the post is about fireworks and how they scare the hell out of dogs and many other animals,also firework night is 1 night only but yes people let fireworks of new years eve but theygo on for weeks before and weeks after and you obviously know nothing about dogs and not all dogs can be trained,in your own words 'get over it'.As far as dogs messing on the pavements itsnot the dogs fault if the owner dont pick it up is it. Clearly you are nit an animal person so move on.

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