On National Pothole Day, where are the worst ones in Harlow? (and what you can do)

General / Sun 15th Jan 2023 at 11:42am

AS IT IS National Pothole Day, we wondered where you thought the worst potholes in Harlow were?

The nationwide “celebration” was created in 2015 to raise awareness of the ever-growing pothole problem on our roads by StreetRepairs.co.uk, a website which encourages road users to report road damage direct to their local council, and forms part of an awareness campaign to rid Britain’s roads of the pothole blight.

We are going to put five locations up here and look forward to you adding/disagreeing etc.

  1. Momples Road: The whole of, from Howards Way to First Avenue
  2. Great Brays: Two almighty craters as you drive to the bottom of th ecul de sac
  3. Tumbler Road: Just a mixture of potholes, broke speed bumps etc
  4. Old Road: One of the many roads where the original road has appeared.
  5. First Avenue: Especially outside Burnt Mill school

Old Harlow resident, Yasmin Gregory wears several hats, including one for cycling as she is a member of Harlow Cycling Club. Yasmin is a also a leading light in the Harlow Green Party.

Yasmin has spoken to BBC Look East.


Lee Scott, Conservative cabinet member for highways at Essex County Council, told BBC Look East: “It’s not a question of managed decline. Anything that is dangerous will be fixed. 

“Some of the things which are cosmetic won’t necessarily be done, but that is not managed decline that would endanger any resident whatsoever.”

When asked if Essex had enough money to maintain the roads, Mr Lee answered: “I would always wish there was more money, but even if it was double the amount of money there would still be things that were not able to be done. 

“We have to look at how things look in the whole budget.”


GoCompare’s Pothole Tips:

If it’s safe to do so, take pictures of the offending pothole and the damage caused to your car, in situ. 

Note the time and exact location of the pothole and the road.

Seek out any witnesses to the incident, they might help if you need to claim off a local authority.

Keep receipts of any repair work you have to have done on your car, including the dates and details of the damage caused, again, in case you need to claim.

Ryan Fulthorpe, of GoCompare car insurance, said: “Potholes are a major menace for British motorists, in fact a study GoCompare carried out found that UK’s total potholes stretches more than 115Km or 72 miles. So, the likelihood of hitting a pothole is increasing every year.

“But claiming on your insurance isn’t necessarily the best way to go if you do fall foul of a pothole, as it will probably see your car insurance premium increase the following year.

“These potholes are usually caused by a lack of maintenance to the road surface, so it’s important that you make a note of the exact road and location of the offending pothole, then find out who owns it and get in touch with them about claiming for any damage to your vehicle. Be prepared to negotiate to get a settlement and make a note of all of your correspondence with the road owner while doing so.

“The best way to deal with potholes is to be road aware and safely avoid driving over or in them at all costs to save the hassle and your pocket.”

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45 Comments for On National Pothole Day, where are the worst ones in Harlow? (and what you can do):

2023-01-15 11:54:17

Once again the roads in Harlow are in a shocking state. Although ECC won't admit it, Government cuts to Local Government funding are clearly having an affect. According to a BBC report "In Essex, teams are only getting to 27% of potholes and a council report suggested last autumn that a shortage of funds had left road maintenance in a state of 'managed decline'." Harlow is so bad at the moment, I understand that they are considering changing the "Welcome to Harlow..." signs to read "Welcome to Harlow. Home of the Pothole."

Kim Mehew
2023-01-15 12:02:28

Templefields Roundabout leading on to Riverway

Keith donald
2023-01-15 12:04:09

Try milwards it's like a minefield

Tony Durcan
2023-01-15 12:18:35

Broken roads ,pavements and cycle track. Broken promises again

Tony Edwards
2023-01-15 12:28:40

The County Council have already admitted what we have known for years but they have previously denied, namely that our roads are in a state of 'Managed Decline'. They are blaming the cost of living crisis. But the problem preceeds it by years

2023-01-15 12:51:49

Remind me, what do we pay Road Tax for???

2023-01-15 13:26:42

Harlow Mill Pub... several on both sides of the road, you cannot avoid them!!

2023-01-15 13:43:44

Pothole just past stort mill on riverway. 3ft by 2 ft and 8 inches deep and growing. Luckily someone has put a traffic cone in, but only half the traffic cone is visible as the hole is so big. Several cars have lost wheels on this one as when it rains this part of the road also floods to 1 foot deep so you can no longer see the pothole. In another month the road will no longer be usable

2023-01-15 13:54:11

The whole of Harlow is just one big pothole.

2023-01-15 14:13:57

I live in Five Acres ,my house is full of cracks( last 2 years) on the walls and ceiling, because of the state of the roads. Shame!!!! I fixed it one ,but after 6 months this same

Terry Jones
2023-01-15 15:14:35

Chelmsford Essex county council haven't run out of funds they they are nt sharing the money they are keeping for their own town and roads they are greedy

Kim Oconnor
2023-01-15 15:29:46

They put a statement out this week that 17 cyclists have been killed by pot holes. Most of the main roads, and councils try walking round the back roads, they are a disgrace. You all want us on our bikes, mend the blimming roads. Why do we pay road tax.

Mr. David morton
2023-01-15 16:22:10

I damaged my car few yrs back to the tune of around £300, they knew the hole was there because a council surveyor had already marked the road out, I took photos of the width and the depth of the hole sent them in with three quotes from independent garages and the council was not the slightest bit interested, what I should of done is took them to small claims but couldn't be asked back then, it's shambolic.

Luke Burton
2023-01-15 16:34:52

Councillors are too busy enjoying free hospitality in exchange for cutting ribbons outside a new barber shop. They are not interested in problems the average commoner faces e.g. potholes

Dave Summerville
2023-01-15 18:56:53

One of the first things our new Tory council did was invite the guy at ECC who is in charge of fixing potholes--thought as they were his buddies that something would be done--it's just got worse and without quick intervention will get worse--my son rides motorbikes--and he is therefore even more vulnerable than most--they'll wait until someone gets killed and then do something--how pathetic.

James Griggs
2023-01-15 18:58:00

Luke Burton, if you are referring to me in your comment you should be aware of the following: 1. I paid full price for my haircut and only introduced myself afterwards. 2. We took the photo to help promote the new business in the ward I represent. 3. As a car driver and cyclist I am as concerned as anyone about the state of our roads and cycle tracks. 4. As a Labour Councillor it is my job to hold the Conservative administration to account for their failures, including the failure to maintain our roads.

Moaning murtle
2023-01-15 18:59:27

Momples Road is horrendous.

2023-01-15 19:03:59

This is a joke surely The whole of Harlow is a pot hole, every road had it's problems Are you seriously just trying to p*** people off

Jade Klaisner
2023-01-15 19:31:14

National pothole day really * Your Harlow * is that the best you can come up with! Embarrassing!

2023-01-15 20:29:36

Harlow council collects the Essex CC portion of the council tax Until the roads are improved this should be with held by Harlow council - it will not happen though they are all in the same party and all to busy living off the hog while the country declines. Labour are exactly the same,

2023-01-15 22:40:30

Just outside longbanks by the children's centre there is a humdinger of a pothole about the size of the moon, filled with rain you can't even see it. Luckily its by the kerb on the left so I know to avoid it know one person who wasn't so lucky and buckled their front wheel.

2023-01-15 23:31:23

Kevin, I have obviously upset you, every road in Harlow has potholes, road signage, lit island bollards are either not working , broken or in some cases missing altogether, roundabouts are in pieces. Do you not agree that all the above are a danger to all road users and all you can add is that I am trying to p*** people off. I take it you don't get out.

2023-01-16 00:29:49

As everyone who owns a car in Harlow knows, the traffic is getting worse and the roads are so shocking. Is it going to take someone getting killed when someone tries to avoid a pothole, hits a car coming the other way and ensuring crash hits a school kid, which could happen alongside Burnt Mill school, before something happens? No matter who your political leanings are, when it comes to the next local elections, this is what is needs to be addressed.

2023-01-16 06:58:30

Road Tax was abolished in 1935. Maintenance of roads is derived from general taxation.

2023-01-16 07:24:12

Hit one pothole outside Burnt Mill school and lost a filling in my teeth!!

Kim Oconnor
2023-01-16 09:15:31

James griggs. I'm a life long cyclists. Theses cycle tracks were never mended when labour was in Harlow. And there mended now. No No labour did not fix pot holes.

2023-01-16 09:39:33

The road what goes past long banks There's some big ones on that road

2023-01-16 10:48:10

Momples road is a disaster and Highways were due to resurface 3 times before Christmas but due to weather the signs kept changing to a different date now they are gone so I guess its not due for urgent repairs. The road is a total disgrace and extremely dangerous with damage to cars and people swerving all over the place to try and miss the holes. I have damaged my car on several occasions and I have even called the local councillor whom never returned my call to complain. This road is going to cause a very bad accident and it will hit the headlines and I suggest some one films the road and sends it to the papers as I have never ever seen a road so bad!

2023-01-16 10:51:47

Momples road, Momples road, Momples road, Momples road Need i say More

2023-01-16 10:52:10

Momples road, Momples road, Momples road, Momples road Need i say More

The Moderator
2023-01-16 11:19:07

All valid points in their own way...* From a purely non-political commentary point of view, is there not a councillor with special responsibility for the roads!

The Moderator
2023-01-16 11:19:54

All valid points in their own way... From a purely non-political commentary point of view, is there not a councillor with special responsibility for the roads!

2023-01-16 11:36:57

It seems we still have a long way to go to be the best Town in Great Britain, Can anyone from the council give an update as to when that could be achieved.

The Moderator
2023-01-16 11:42:55

To my point David, there is a Harlow Councillor with special responsibility for the roads.

2023-01-16 12:36:38

Rasp I was actually agreeing with you My point is with the initial story, how many times have the people of Harlow complained about pot holes and nothing is ever done

Tracie Oliver
2023-01-16 13:12:05

The councillor is voted in Harlow and he is now on Essex Council and he alone put forward a change as to each hole has to be a certain depth and width before repair is considered! This is all relevant and true to fact! I suggest people do their homework!

The Moderator
2023-01-16 13:32:25

Thank you Tracie, so the Harlow Councillor and also now a member of Essex (County?) Council should be able to respond to David (and perhaps everyone else who has commented). Just trying to tease an answer out for everyone! Perhaps Michael Casey can ask them for an interview on this issue?

James Griggs
2023-01-16 14:51:46

Kim O'Connor, point me to where I said that cycle tracks were fixed by the last Labour administration. It is fact that Roads and Cycle Tracks are the responsibility of Conservative controlled Essex County Council, they have neglected them for years. The last Labour administration constantly requested that ECC and the Harlow County Councillors attend to their responsibilities but it fell on deaf ears. You say they have been fixed now, I think you'll find that you are in the minority with that assertion as this discussion forum will testify. Some repairs have been made but they are few and very far between. Harlow Council Leader Russell Perrin appointed Cllr Steve LeMay to have 'special responsibility for roads', where has that got us?

2023-01-16 17:39:15

I did post a comment yesterday regarding potholes and spending £27 million on another new Bus Station. I was wrong it is only £15 million. Why on earth was my comments taken down?

2023-01-16 17:40:08

I did post a comment yesterday regarding potholes and spending £27 million on another new Bus Station. I was wrong it is only £15 million.

2023-01-16 19:03:41

The silent response from the four Harlow Conservative County Councillors Eddie Johnson, Michael Garnett, Clive Souter, Michael Hardware and the Harlow Conservative District Councillor with Special responsibility for roads Cllr Stephen Le May is deafening. Have they nothing to say?

2023-01-16 19:06:50

Named and Shamed Anthony...

Kim Oconnor
2023-01-17 09:46:47

James griggs, I missed a word out, still not mended, is what it, was ment to of said. The cycle tracks are in the same state, today, as they have been for years.

2023-01-17 10:38:24

Yes Essex county council rightly should be slated for the slated for the condition of Harlow's roads but also Harlow district council needs a long hard look at itself for the poor state of lots of pavements around the town many caused by illegally parked vehicles.

James Griggs
2023-01-17 23:21:40

Kim O’Connor, you’re still missing the point and not answering my query. At no point have I said that Labour fixed the potholes or the cycle tracks which is what you imply. The responsibility lies with Essex County Council and we, until this morning, also had a District Councillor with ‘special responsibility for roads’ Your correction of what you intended to say is welcome but you have still not corrected your inaccurate suggestion of what you claim I said. Will you now apologise and correct the record?

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