Award-winning Beauty in the Community businesswomen praised by Harlow MP

Business / Sun 22nd Jan 2023 at 05:48pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has highly praised a local businesswoman who is giving people a chance to take their first steps in the hair and beauty industry.

Danielle Brown, recently won a top prize at the Harlow Town Centre Awards and has worked tirelessly to give people a chance in the industry.

Mr Halfon is trying to get round to seeing many of the winners in the area.

Mr Halfon said: “On Friday, I went to Danielle’s salon, Beauty in Community, following her amazing and well-deserved achievement: winning Best Business/ Entrepreneur at the Harlow Town Centre Awards.

I met lots of young people who, under Danielle’s wing, have flourished in her programme. A programme which is so successful that she has seen a 99% achievement rate and, even better, 96% of those who have taken part have gone into employment or started their own businesses.

“This year alone Beauty in Community has supported one hundred learners from diverse backgrounds whilst simultaneously widening the benefits of the scheme by being able to offer nine hundred free treatments and services for people in and around Harlow.

“Danielle’s salon is a wonderful place where she is truly transforming lives by providing an opportunity for people to climb the ladder of opportunity by getting Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications.

“Beauty in Community is a business we can be proud of in Harlow and I congratulate Danielle and all her staff and students for such amazing achievements.

Danielle Brown was delighted that the busy MP had visited her. Danielle said: “It was an honour to be visited by Mr Halfon. We firmly believe we have a social responsibility to support and provide opportunities for everyone to empower success and improve lives.  

“I am the programme delivery manager for Mi Hair and Beauty Training and the owner of Beauty in Community.

“We try to encourage positive mindsets through creative education, inspiring dynamic pathways into work. 
“We have a dedicated WhatsApp group for models where many treatments and services are free of charge so learners get heaps of practical experience whilst learning with us.

“We look forward to welcoming you into the community salon”.

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4 Comments for Award-winning Beauty in the Community businesswomen praised by Harlow MP:

Stacy Seales
2023-01-22 23:33:24

I can not thank Danielle and team who selflessly take pride to helping those in the community and serving them without expectation. To share publicly a successful story Danielle and team at very short notice did a beauty transformation with a mother who was in a very bad way and attending a life changing meeting . The end result was restoring a family who needed a new begin for all involved. This individual was make to feel confident and encouraged to have a different perspective from that one care. Danielle and her team are not just beautician but nurturing people making quiet but realistic consistent impact to supporting and building individual within harlow. The beauty salon offers so much more with networking incentive benefiting both men and women, Young or matured, capable or incapable. Danielle is prepared, geared and driven to impacting people lives irrespectively of their strength or short comings. The stigma of beauty is refined by this phenomenal entrepreneur with a vision to building her community.

2023-01-22 23:37:33

Well Deserved! Beauty in Community is a true reflection of Danielle’s vision for the community she grew up in. There should be a BIC in every Town/City! Danielle’s door is always open and her support is for as long as it’s needed! It’s nice to see her get the recognition she deserves for all her hard work.

2023-01-23 07:06:11

Danielle is an amazing woman both her business and as a person and mum to her kids-everything that comes to her is well deserved

James Leppard
2023-01-23 09:23:15

Danielle is exemplary, dedicated, compassionate, hard-working and enterprising. She is a role model for Harlow aspiring entrepreneurs. Very well done and totally deserved.

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