Harlow residents can save on energy bills with solar panel group-buying scheme

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HARLOW residents can save on energy bills and cut carbon emissions with solar panel group-buying scheme.

Group buying scheme helps homeowners achieve the right price for a high-quality installation from pre-approved installers.

From today (23 January 2023) residents can register for Solar Together Essex, the group-buying scheme for solar panels and battery storage.  The scheme is also open to small and medium businesses and small community buildings.  

Residents who have already invested in solar panels can also take part by registering for battery storage. Storage saves unused energy generated by the solar panels to be used whenever it is needed rather than during the day.  

It is free to register for a personal recommendation and there is no obligation to go ahead with an installation.

Essex County Council is working in partnership with independent experts iChoosr, to make the transition to clean energy as cost effective and hassle-free as possible. To date Solar Together Essex has delivered over 1,200 installations and over 1,100 tonnes of avoided carbon emissions annually in the county.

Councillor Peter Schwier, Essex County Council’s Climate Czar said: “This is a fantastic scheme which Essex County Council is proud to support.

“By using the power of the group, residents can achieve a very competitive price compared to the open market. Previous applicants have saved as much as a 37% discount on their installation.  When you register with Solar Together Essex you can be guaranteed of a high-quality installation with insurance-backed warranties.”

This is the fourth round of Solar Together Essex with previous applicants reporting high levels of satisfaction. 

Les Flack from St Lawrence Bay had 18 panels installed in January 2022. He said: “The process for application was really easy. Initially thinking about the tech felt a little bit overwhelming but I found the group question and answer video call really helpful.  I needn’t have worried about the tech as once in place it just generates energy – easy!

“Having this system in place is a great feeling, we are reducing emissions and will hopefully recoup our costs in not many years, the energy crisis makes that ever more likely. We feel it will be a good investment. “

Sarah Mudd from Stock said: “I have just had an email from my energy supplier letting me know they are reducing my energy bill. I have already recommended the process to my sister.”

How does it work?

  • From 23 January: Householders can register online to become part of the group for free and without obligation. Register at www.solartogether.co.uk/essex/landing
  • Pre-approved UK solar PV suppliers participate in an auction. They are able to offer competitive pricing as the volume and geographic concentration makes it possible for them to realise greater efficiencies, which they pass on with lower prices for installations.
  • After the auction, registered households will be emailed a personal recommendation which is specific to the details they submitted in their registration. 
  • If they choose to accept their recommendation, the specifics of their installation will be confirmed with a technical survey after which a date can be set for the installation of their solar PV system.
  • Telephone and email helpdesks are on-hand throughout the whole process which, together with information sessions, will allow households to make an informed decision in a safe and hassle-free environment.

For more information visit www.solartogether.co.uk/essex/landing or email [email protected]

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2 Comments for Harlow residents can save on energy bills with solar panel group-buying scheme:

2023-01-24 15:30:16

Yeah and how much will this cost if you work hard and pay taxes Only those on benefits get free help when it comes to schemes like this.

2023-01-26 10:02:55

Danny I have to agree with you as soon as you tell them you're not on benefits nothing is available unless you pay.

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