Harlow Labour leader: “Robert Halfon is treating residents like fools over new hospital”

News / Thu 26th Jan 2023 at 03:06pm

HARLOW’S Conservative MP is treating residents like fools when he says that the delays in the new hospital, which I still have serious doubts we will ever see, are due solely to the pandemic, and then in the next sentence admits that there are planning issues says Harlow Labour leader Chris Vince.

Councillor Vince goes on to say “Mr Halfon spent at least his last three general elections promising this new hospital for Harlow, long before the pandemic.  He’s obviously got the same crystal ball that the Essex County Council had when they started the ‘managed decline of our roads’ some ten years before the cost-of-living crisis that they are blaming it on. 

Mr Halfon recognises the issues of rises in living costs, rises in food and fuel, but instead of focusing on these issues his government is spending billions of pounds on white elephants rather than what people really needs.  He’s also air brushed out of history the fact that the majority of the issues he has raised were caused by his government’s disastrous handling of the economy.

Mr Halfon then talks about the importance of lowering the national debt and lowering inflation.  Two things, that despite his Government’s devastating cuts agenda, have both risen since they came to office.  In fact, the only Government to bring down the national debt since the second world war was a Labour government.

Finally, his comments on his friend, the Prime Minister, are laughable.  He described Sunak as having integrity.  Why then is he refusing to sack a party chair who has lied to the British people and dodged his taxes?

He’s also propping up Dominic Raab who now has over 20 complaints of bullying civil servants to his name.

“The Conservative Government have let down Harlow for too long.  The next Labour government will give back power to communities like Harlow, and focus on long term solutions to the problems that people face, rather than sticking plaster politics and worse still, putting their friends first and the country second”.

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19 Comments for Harlow Labour leader: “Robert Halfon is treating residents like fools over new hospital”:

2023-01-26 15:48:33

Why are any of our counsellors backing a plan to move PAH 4.5 miles out of town to a site that's not secured and inaccessible at a date sometime never, when there's enough land on the very accessible PAH site available by moving car parking off site or into a multi story or underground car park, so rebuilding a high rise new hospital could start tomorrow? The 40 new Hospitals pledge under Boris was all fur coat and no substance to grab votes.

Pat Roberts
2023-01-26 15:54:58

Has a site been acquired for the new PAH? Has a planning application been put together? Do we know the potential cost - and is the money available? Perhaps Robert can answer - please.

2023-01-26 16:40:35

Pie in the sky maybe like most mp's promises

Barry Rogers
2023-01-26 16:56:14

B ….and in addition to the car park suggestions what about the waste ground where the Square used to be and the large heliport landing land (I understand the proposed new hospital is unlikely to have a heliport)

2023-01-26 17:42:09

Helicopters could land on the roof of a new hospital if it is designed with that in mind.

Eric Lester
2023-01-26 18:18:58

The new hospital is like the benefits of brexit, only exists in hollow promises and the dreams of fools.

2023-01-26 18:30:42

Is Chris Vince now a full-time scribe for YH. At this rate, his next outburst should be due on 29 January. Incredibly long-winded without a single original thought or observation.

2023-01-26 20:33:56

Total rubbish. Harlow is getting a new hospital as confirmed in several official Government documents - in fact there is a whole new website about it: https://newpah.org/

2023-01-26 22:33:19

With the amount of new homes planned, by the time the new hospital is built we shall need another.

2023-01-26 22:42:47

We wont get a new hospital. This government cant fill a bloody pot hole never mind build a new hospital costing millions. Lets face it BJ said 40 new hospitals. 20.000new police in 2018.BJ was talking BS i think.

2023-01-26 22:54:40

Jarrett, the plans for the hospital showed there was to be a farm on the roof. Presumably so the flying pigs could be seen by the patients!

neil Boat
2023-01-26 23:46:02

it's never been about getting a new Hospital... It's about acquiring the prime Site of which The Hospital now sits in the Town centre to Flipping property developers...Same old racket..we have seen it all before.The Swimming pool, the Velodrome, the Sports Centre and many more...

2023-01-27 08:32:19

Dan. I have looked at the website as you suggested. Its full of "could be's" and "if's" with no real facts. It does not say if funding has been approved? It does not say where it is coming from? What is its location? and the big question "When is it going to happen"? The timeline has nothing on it, so looks like it could be a long time, if ever? I feel people want honest answers and quickly, otherwise its all talk and no action. This I suspect is the case?

Pat Roberts
2023-01-27 08:44:48

Errrrrr! Not a single fact in the timeline website Dan……. I could have written that!

Mark Lavender
2023-01-27 14:53:39

I guess Dan is Dan the dep of the Council. Shouldn't you be bigging up the jobs fair Robert has laid on rather than concern yourself with PAH; a project with a similar route, sorry, timeline to HS2? Jobs and the income tax/NI from them are needed now to pay the bills building up now not when we're all dead and buried. Hospitals promised are just that.

James Griggs
2023-01-27 18:51:16

Oh dear Dan. Whoopee, we’ve got a new website. That’ll definitely be a comfort to underpaid and overworked staff alongside patients desperately awaiting ambulances and treatment. Take a look at newpah.org and click on ‘timeline’ in the menu. Here one would expect to find credible information about the projected timescale in which we should expect to see action, building, opening time, etc. It does none of those things, merely states that updates will be made when they are available. The Govt and Mr Halfon have promised us time and again for many years that it is ‘coming’. Words are cheap, actions are what we need to see. When we are able to see a clear timeline and work taking place we might just be able to have some hope. Until then we are left with a shiny website emulating true Tory behaviour, promising much but delivering nothing.

2023-01-27 19:03:40

I do not understand why there is so much fuss about Harlow needing a new hospital. Why spend all of that money on a new building when the systems that they transfer over will still be as poor as they are now. Why on earth in 2023 are medics still writing paper records when the rest of the world has gone digital and the NHS has been writing systems for itself since the mid 1970s. Why are hospital medics unable to access GP records thereby causing hospital based consultants to have to rerun tests such as ECGs? How can the phlebotomy department lose blood tests when the testing section is only 50 yards along the same corridor. The issues I have described cause extra work to medical staff and delays in treatment for patients. It would be better to spend the money on systems and training and then see if you still need a new building

David Forman
2023-01-27 21:58:41

PAH has tried several times to build a multi-storey carpark in the existing site and been refused planning permission every time. Plus, we should also mention the drains which necessitate drainage firms having a season ticket. Plus of course the energy inefficient buildings. Also, the huge disruption and discomfort for patients to rebuild on site. Plus, we should mention ambulance access so much easier for the huge number coming from outside Harlow at Junction 7A. The new hospital also takes in the prospect of a med-tech campus which cannot be built on the existing site. Possibly, this explains why every local authority, MP, CCG and now STP that is currently served by PAH has backed a new hospital outside of town.

2023-01-28 00:42:19

The failure to actually announce where and when exactly the new hospital will be built for Harlow will be the downfall of Rob Halfon #fact

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