Firearms teams descended on Pollards Hatch after ATM attacked

Crime / Mon 30th Jan 2023 at 12:44pm

ESSEX Police are appealing for witnesses to a criminal damage which occurred to the ATM located at the Harlow Food Express in Pollards Hatch yesterday (Sunday).

Police were called by several members of the public at 7.30pm after they heard what they believed to be the sounds of gunshots around Pollards Hatch.

Local officers responded in company with specialist firearms officers and attended the area. Local enquiries identified that the sounds heard were in fact those of hammers being struck against the ATM.

Police are confident that no firearms were present or used during the incident.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to the incident or anyone with any information to come forward by calling 101 or submitting an online report.

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17 Comments for Firearms teams descended on Pollards Hatch after ATM attacked:

2023-01-30 14:09:36

We witnessed it, police took half hour to arrive, there were no fire arms teams and not even a marked police car.

2023-01-30 16:37:47

Yes there was Cara i live right NEXT to these shops and saw it all so get lost with your fake storys! Police arrived in 3 to 4 mins -- Firearms team van was parked ON THE ROAD that leads out to the main road and there was FIVE marked police cars! Get lost cara

2023-01-30 16:40:14

I saw what EvieA saw while i was walking my two dogs so i don't no why your providing false news Cara?

2023-01-30 17:31:09

Cara is absolutely correct, I also live at the shops called 999 spent 7 minutes on the phone to them, they didn’t know where kingsmoor road or pollard hatch , even providing a postcode of the address 20 mins later they turned up, have cctv of the whole thing police haven’t asked for it even though I told them I have it, didn't see any armed police on scene just 2 unmarked cars. Not false news from Cara at all, also it was nothing to do with the atm as they was running up and down the street screaming and shouting before kicking the shutters

2023-01-30 17:33:30

Lisa- yes I know you’re on our CCTV as we have it all recorded, so my news is not fake I LIVE THERE!!!

2023-01-30 17:35:21

Evie- I live there and it’s all in my CCTV so no fake news! Your probably the one that reported fake gun shots 😂

2023-01-30 17:43:21

Why don’t you give you’re real name out C

2023-01-30 18:13:48

Probably because she dont want two car loads of men with weapons turning up at her door Andrew

2023-01-30 18:17:04

Who asked you bob get to bed child. Come on C why you not speaking now? Instead off hiding be=hind your computer tell us your real name like me.

David smith
2023-01-30 19:18:14

Wow it amazing how Andrew is behaving on here telling a women to use there really name , if there was an arm response unit called because people were trying to break into the atm at the shops it sounds pretty serious why would somebody ask them to use there real name these sound like serious thugs we should not be attacking people on social media

2023-01-30 20:35:29

Maybe you need to keep you’re nose out off it David get to bed mate you don’t belong on here.

Mr. Stop. Hammer-Time
2023-01-30 21:09:13

Hammers? Risible.

Aunty Boo.
2023-01-30 23:04:57

So Andrew has become Drew and Cara is now C. David Smith is telling people to put their real names on social media and Bob is being quite sensible in saying not to just in case the wrong kind of people turn up at her house. John saw everything and men were running up and down bashing shutters with hammers. Lisa and Evie B both saw the same thing as one was walking a dog and one lives next door. WOW, are you sure you are not all in this together and set this up as it was a boring Sunday. It does sound very much like you all know each other regardless of the 'part' names. You should get together and write a script for a Whodunnit for the Playhouse 😅.

Jane T
2023-01-31 01:00:12

Hahaha… Aunty Boo… I thought the same 👍😂💯😂. I honestly don’t know wtf is going on and who is who lol. The same sort of thing and comments are on the other article at the stow!! Everyone just needs to calm down and thank the heavens nobody was killed.

2023-01-31 13:49:43

I just can’t believe someone reported gun shots, what an imbecile causing panic for no reason. There was no noise even resembling hun shots 🤷🏼‍♀️

Robert Half on
2023-02-01 08:44:40

These comment are so Harlow 😂😂

2023-02-02 15:17:08

How have people come to the conclusion that C is female?

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