Princess Alexandra Hospital employee tells GB News about her concerns over asylum seekers

Health / Tue 7th Feb 2023 at 06:23am

A MEMBER of staff at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) has told GB News of her concerns over immigration.

The Camilla Tominey programme on Sunday morning came live from The Master Barista in The Water Gardens.

As part of their People’s Panel, three Harlow residents (Keith, Kay and Fraser) gave their opinions on Brexit.

Kay was identified as working in admin at the local hospital and was very forthright on her views on Brexit and immigration.

Seven years on from the EU referendum, Kay felt it was “too soon to say” whether Brexit was a success or not but pointed to Covid having made things difficult due to “paying healthy people to stay at home”.

Kay then went on to express her concerns over asylum seekers.

Kay said: ‘The only thing controlling our borders is the weather. We are paying a lot of people to stay in hotels..£40 a week pocket money, what is the government intentions with these people because they have no documentation. Basically unemployable because you can’t do DBS checks.”

The chief executive of Princess Alexandra Hospital, Lance McCarthy confirmed that Kay was speaking in a personal capacity.

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27 Comments for Princess Alexandra Hospital employee tells GB News about her concerns over asylum seekers:

Luke Burton
2023-02-07 13:07:51

I think I will steer clear of PAH for now and attend a different hospital in case staff like her think I'm an asylum seeker and treat me differently.

2023-02-07 14:00:44

Embarrassing to have our town represented by bigots like this.

2023-02-07 15:12:36

This story can be filed as shock horror someone in the NHS does not have ultra left wing views, nothing but a hit job I thought YH was better frankly

Moaning murtle
2023-02-07 15:23:10

She is only stating her opinion Believe it or not a lot of people will agree with her.

2023-02-07 18:14:34

totally agree with her,aw i must not say that i will be called a bigot

Vote leave
2023-02-07 18:22:50

Incoming snowflakes…

2023-02-07 18:31:04

I don’t think the doctors and nurses at PAH worry themselves too much about refugees and their £40 pocket money. I think they are more concerned about the patients dying waiting to get into hospital. Remember, when BJ visited Harlow before the last election to tell us there was a shovel ready hospital waiting for us, they couldn’t get the doctors and nurses to stand there and gurn with him - He was surrounded by Admin staff, non-clinicals and the odd HCA. There are lots of Kays and Karens in Harlow, but there are many thousands of good people as well.

2023-02-07 20:24:47

I agree with her.

2023-02-08 02:57:29

Good for her for saying what a lot of people think. No doubt those on the left want to close down any opinion that doesn't agree with them with the usual insults.

2023-02-08 07:53:56

PAH has lots of nurses and doctors from different countries and backgrounds who work really hard every day, I think it’s frustrating for ALL of the NHS staff who are begging the government for pay rises, and they are spending a lot of tax payers money on 4/5* hotels across the country for asylum seekers. £100 -£150 a night for 1 person (£3000 - £4500 a month). The government need to come up with a better solution for asylum seekers, it’s taking away money which is needed from the people and services who need it most.

James Leppard
2023-02-08 07:55:07

This is a matter solely of freedom of expression, to which this lady is fully entitled. Bigots are those who seek to curb such essential liberties.

Chris.P Bacon
2023-02-08 08:23:10

We should all be oncerned about immigration it draining so much money from the nations budget. Does this really deserve to take up space on this website. If the editors intention was name and shame this lady for having an opinion then your the bigot. Maybe you should rename this website the Moscow Times..

James Griggs
2023-02-08 09:59:56

James Leppard, for once I find myself agreeing with the basic tenet of your comment. Whether or not I agree with the lady, and I don’t, I agree she should have the right to express her opinion as long as the language used is moderate and not inflammatory. Given your support for this right can I, therefore, assume you are equally supportive of the long established right to strike and the right to protest? Both of which are under threat from the Tory Govt.

2023-02-08 19:17:17

The problem is this Country is over populated with legal and illegal migration. It is affecting all of our services.

James Leppard
2023-02-08 23:02:10

James Griggs, thank you. I will resist the temptation to be drawn. Actually, I am by nature a libertarian and as a student of history, am a great admirer of the draughtsmen of the the US Constitution , which at its time was completely revolutionary, setting down democratic concepts in the face of a largely monarchical and reactionary Europe, baes upon the English Bill of Rights and the theories of Montesquieu, it set the standards of liberty. It’s First Amendment is immutable and should form the cornerstone of any future British Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Fred Tuppers
2023-02-09 05:43:25

It's typical of the left to be intolerant of others opinions and to slander them. Bigot is a typical insukt in their arsenal if you don't agree with their ideology on race and such

2023-02-09 14:25:26

Another poor and misleading headline in Your Harlow which reinforces the writer's and editor's prejudiced negative views of the hospital.

2023-02-09 14:28:46

Completely agree with Adam (7.2.23; 15:12), other than....did you really think YH was better?

2023-02-09 14:30:51

Why is this a story? Lazy journalism.

2023-02-09 14:41:34

I know I'm living in the wrong town because I warmly welcome immigration and support for asylum seekers. No-one is 100% English or 100% Essex or 100% Harlow. We are all factors of immigration or invasion. This country is also richer as a result of welcoming many people in from around the world. The most obvious is food - everyone in this line of bigoted comments will I'm sure have eaten food from another country and enjoyed it (probably cooked by a native of that country). Everyone in this line of bigoted comments I'm sure will have travelled abroad, and enjoyed it. Everyone in this line of bigoted comments will already have relied upon or will rely upon welfare support or a pension which will only have been possible to be the size it is thanks to the taxes paid by waves of working immigrants. Everyone in this line of bigoted comments will rely on someone not born in the UK to provide their healthcare. Get a grip Harlow.

2023-02-09 14:46:27

Alison - the problem with this country is there aren't enough migrants. We don't have enough working age people to raise enough taxes to pay for our retired people. That's at the moment and only going to get worse as more of us get older and retire and more of us have less children. We need more migration to have more workers, paying more in tax, to enable us to retire at a sensible age.

2023-02-09 14:48:27

How would Kay feel if she was seeking asylum?

Proud to be leftie
2023-02-09 14:52:47

Who in their right mind watches GB News or listens to anything anyone on there says? Sensationalist right-wing rubbish.

2023-02-09 14:59:56

Why is it relevant where this lady works? Her comments are clearly personal. Why doesn't YH tell us where the other 2 people interviewed work?

Tumbler Terry
2023-02-09 18:30:22

As a former civil servant I am surprised Kay is not in breach of her contract for speaking in any capacity and for her comments to be so far removed by the compassion, commitment and care demonstrated by the vast majority of employees at PAH.

Iain Lindsay
2023-02-10 10:32:35

YH really is the most woke, hand-wringing organ. Comment removed again beause it caused palpitations amongst it's editorial staff. So much for democracy and free speech.

Disappointed but not surprised
2023-02-10 16:09:37

(1) Shocking and poor thing to say by Kay (2) Terrible right-wing reporting from GB News (3) Irrelevant where she works if speaking in a personal capacity so poor again from GB News (4) Unsurprisingly poor and lazy journalism by YH, regurgitating someone else's story and adding an unnecessary and misleading headline, made worse by the fact that there had clearly been a request for and confirmation from the hospital CEO that Kay was speaking in a personal capacity (5) Terrible all round and sums up YH, GB News and the shocking beliefs of many of my neighbours

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