Harlow MP backs 25,000 apprenticeship commitment

Business / Wed 8th Feb 2023 at 10:30am

A COMMITMENT from one of the UK’s leading training providers to create at least 25,000 newly-qualified apprentices over the next five years has been described as “extraordinary and powerful” by Harlow MP Robert Halfon.

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, Realise has pledged to deliver a bumper apprenticeship programme across a host of sectors, including early years education, health and social care and transport.

The training schemes will be open to people of all ages either seeking to move out of unemployment or currently in a job and hoping to upskill. The apprenticeships will be predominately be delivered at Levels Two, Three and Five.

The pledge from Realise has received the support of the Minister for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education Robert Halfon.

He said: “Apprenticeships represent everything that I believe in – education, aspiration, hard work and commitment. No matter who you are or where you’re from, an apprenticeship will open doors for you.

“I’m delighted that Realise has made this extraordinary and powerful commitment to providing 25,000 apprenticeships at Levels 2-5 over the next five years across a range of key sectors, showing that more and more businesses are realising the value of apprenticeships in meeting the skills needs of the entire country.

“This is an important step forward in building a skills and apprenticeships nation and giving more people the chance to climb the ladder of opportunity.”

While its head office is based in Sheffield, Realise has a team of Training and Development Officers across the UK to ensure the apprenticeship pledge will deliver nationwide benefits.

Gregg Scott, Managing Director of Realise, believes apprenticeships can play a vital part in helping businesses and individuals recover from the recent economic turbulence caused by the Covid pandemic and the cost of living crisis.

He said: “We are delighted to mark National Apprenticeship Week by reaffirming our long-term commitment to apprenticeships which have such a vital role to play in the long-term performance of the UK economy.

“All of our training programmes are tailored to meet the needs of individual employers and that bespoke approach means apprentices can make a real difference to the success of the company they are working for.

“From the employee’s viewpoint, we see our role as a training provider to not only develop and train people to meet the skills required by employers but also to help those individuals fulfil their potential through a ‘right learner, right programme’ strategy.

“That two-pronged approach can make a huge difference and help both our apprentices and employers to maximise their development.

“Apprentices have always been the lifeblood of many businesses and the starting point for the next generation of talent and that remains truer than ever today.

“Many of the sectors we specialise in will provide opportunities for people who have been hardest hit by the pandemic and cost of living crisis and we are proud to be playing our part in helping them look to the future with the hope and optimism an apprenticeship can bring.”

For more information about apprenticeships, visit https://realisetraining.com/

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6 Comments for Harlow MP backs 25,000 apprenticeship commitment:

2023-02-08 11:13:47

Well Mr Halfons at it again! Jumping on some one else's bandwagon in the name of publicity. I'd be surprised if theres anyone that doesn't back more training opportunities for youngsters.

David Forman
2023-02-08 18:28:25

Key quote: "Apprentices have always been the lifeblood of many businesses." I am glad to see this expansion of training places

Tony Edwards
2023-02-09 09:58:47

You might want to take a look at the proposed Harlow Council budget where the Tory Council are planning reduce funding for Council apprenticeships by £114,000.00 (page 49)

2023-02-09 12:04:27

Ah. Reality raises its ugly head again. Over to you Mr Halfon.

Luke Burton
2023-02-09 21:07:23

I'm not going to vote Conservative in the next GE, but I have to admire Mr. Halfon's steadfast commitment to apprenticeships.

Luke Burton
2023-02-09 21:08:24

On the other hand, I can't actually think of a policy or a scheme the Leader of Harlow Labour has been as equally passionate about - despite me and many readers asking Cllr Chris Vince for what his vision for town is on YourHarlow's comments.

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