Harlow MP Robert Halfon welcomes cash boost for Family Hubs

News / Thu 9th Feb 2023 at 07:25pm

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon, has welcomed the announcement of £300 million funding to support local family hubs. Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, Children & Families Minister Claire Coutinho and Government Early Years advisor, Andrea Leadsom, have today confirmed funding to expand the network of family hubs across the country, ensuring that support is available for families to give their children the best possible start in life. 

Robert has been a passionate supporter of family hubs during his time in Parliament and has been delighted to support Harlow’s very own Treehouse Family Hub for the last 5 years. Working with Barnado’s, Virgin Care and Essex County Council, Treehouse Family Hub has become a vital part of the local community. 

In 2018, the then Children and Families Minister joined Robert on a visit to Treehouse Family Hub, later commenting that it was on that visit to Harlow that he had seen the real support that Family Hubs offer families by combining “multi-agency services” into one place. 

Today’s announcement has confirmed £300 million for family hubs across the country, with new hubs in 75 local authorities creating a national network, 14 new trailblazer hubs, more specialist support and expert advice on breastfeeding, diet and mental health, as well as a ‘Start for Life’ pilot scheme to ensure families and parents have their voices heard. 

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Halfon said, “My many visits to Treehouse Family Hub in Harlow have time and time again highlighted the importance of giving children the best start in life. 

“Harlow’s Treehouse Family Hub is a shining light for families in our community – integrating every possible support; a one-stop shop for parents and children to make sure children in Harlow have the best possible chance at climbing the ladder of opportunity.

“I have long campaigned for more investment into Family Hubs, including during my time as Chair of the Education Committee in Parliament, and I strongly welcome today’s announcement of a further £300 million investment that will benefit Harlow families. I very much look forward to visiting our own Family Hub again soon.”

Minister for Children, Families and Wellbeing, Claire Coutinho commented: “Having children can be really tough as well as bringing so much joy. All families, from time to time, will need a helping hand. Family hubs bring services together helping parents, carers, children and young people to access the support they need more easily. Parenting advice ranges from support with breastfeeding and mental health to guidance on how to give children a head start on their learning.” 

Early Years Advisor, Dame Andrea Leadsom, celebrated the newly announced funding, saying: “Support for the earliest years is being transformed – our ‘Start for Life’ offer will point families-to-be in the direction of their Family Hub, and the help they can get there will include a warm welcome, parenting advice, antenatal help, health visiting, mental health, infant feeding support and even advice on relationship building or how to get into work. There will be a strong focus on dads and co-parents who have for far too long been left out.

“We all agree that universal education and universal healthcare are the right of every citizen. Surely, however, the best start for life is the most fundamental right of all. It is in the period from conception to the age of two that the building blocks for good lifelong physical and emotional health are laid down. There is quite literally no better place to invest, either for human happiness or value for taxpayers’ money!”

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Neil Francis Rickards
2023-02-10 08:53:29

Unfortunatly I cant see a brighter future for the Conservitive Goverment at the next election, I read the EU have stated that the Gas & Electric bills per houshold will be Max 1000 euros BUT the UK biil for Gas & electric will be 3000 Pounds, and WHY did the goverment just give 2.3 billion to the EU all because cheep clothing and shoes being sent to the EU countrys didnt get picked up at customs on the way out, THEY should have been stopped on the way IN by the french, THIS goverment is good at giving OUR taxes away and wasting OUR money, AND I am some one who has ALLWAYS voted Consrvative,

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