Agents reveal more details over sale of White Horse pub in Potter Street.

Business / Tue 14th Feb 2023 at 08:50am

THE COMPANY in charge of selling the White Horse pub in Potter Street has given YH more details regarding the purchasing process.

The White Horse pub located in Potter Street closed in early 2022 and had previously been run by the same family for many years. It was put up for sale by leisure property specialists Fleurets on behalf of its owners.

Fleurets approached over 6,000 parties via their database and over 350 enquires were received resulting in over a dozen formal offers with the bidding going to best and final offers. The pub attracted the interest because of its location on the edge of Harlow common, the plot size and being within an active community.

The sale has now completed to new owners a local organisation who are looking to convert the pub into a place of prayer and community events centre, for Harlow and the local community.

Simon Jackaman of Fleurets East office that brokered the sale said “As soon as the property went on the market, we received a considerable number of enquires that resulted in a couple of open viewing days and multiple offers over the guide price being received.

Whilst there was a lot of interest, there were not many from those wishing to continue its licensing use. The property internally was quite run-down and will have required considerable capital to make it viable.

The buyers are 100% community focused and have many plans to make the property a vibrant community hub and I wish them well”.

The White Horse was sold freehold for an undisclosed amount of a guide price of £500,000 + VAT.

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18 Comments for Agents reveal more details over sale of White Horse pub in Potter Street.:

2023-02-14 10:23:05

As people will know the Potter Street Health and Wellbeing Hub are still looking for a venue now the Council are unwilling to repair Osler House. If this is going to be for the Community will this go some way to meeting that need?

James Leppard
2023-02-14 11:11:33

As Colin mentions, given its stated Community purpose, could this not be also used to engage with the neighbourhood Harlow Common Residents Association to make it open as a venue for the wider Potter Street community. I think such an initiative would be widely welcomed.

2023-02-14 14:27:24

I doubt it James. It's a private purchase not a community purchase. It states it will be a place of prayer and community events centre. It will be a religious centre that you can rent out for events.

Dave Benson Phillips
2023-02-14 15:58:47

Don't know what the problem is tbh. Lots of people are showing themselves to be utterly racist.

2023-02-14 16:17:44

This will be for the Ethnic community of the town which is quite clearly needed for there prayers at least its being put to good use and not another public house which attracts yobs violence antisocial behaviour and further problems with the emergency services Good luck to them

James Leppard
2023-02-14 18:30:21

Dave Benson Phillips, how do you arrive at that conclusion. I have not seen any comment that could be remotely construed as racist. Please provide evidence.

2023-02-14 18:31:17

Another pub that has bitten the dust, it is a shame.So many are going bust.

G Ramsey
2023-02-14 23:18:25

Thankfully the Rainbow & Dove is still going. The best food & drink public house around.

James Leppard
2023-02-14 23:42:34

G Ramsey, I agree. The Rainbow & Dove has adapted to the times. It retains all the charm of a classic English country pub but has adapted, offering a rotating selection of excellent craft ales and a very good kitchen. Most of its clientele are from Harlow. The White Horse did not adapt to the times and changing consumer tastes, nor did it define a viable market niche, hence its demise. If anybody wanted to preserve it as a pub/restaurant, well it was put on the market and they had a choice. Life moves on. The new owners are welcome and have an opportunity to open to the wider Potter St community at times that do not inconvenience them in their priorities. It is up to them to decide.

2023-02-15 06:52:41

It will probably re-open as a mosque.

2023-02-15 08:00:19

A real halal pub.

2023-02-15 08:04:11

The loony lefties of this town want race riots so they can blame the far right.

2023-02-15 09:21:20

Harlow Council could have bought it and made it into the non religious all community, well being and medical centre for which the Potter Street Community has been long campaigning (but sidelined by the Council). Instead it looks like it heading for use by only a tiny tiny proportion of the Potter Street community. £sd rules.

Gary Roberts
2023-02-15 14:40:47

I suspect the White Horse of is too small for what was planned for the well-being hub. The former neighbourhood office with community centre would be better. But still the issue of council support is crucial and sadly that, based on current expectations, is not happening any time soon.

Bill P
2023-02-15 15:04:08

Such a shame that we are losing so much of our town and its identity, we are entitled to have an identity but it seems that everyone else comes before us. I get si fed up with people trying to silence us when we say anything that others class as racist. So where to we fit into our own town and country when all our traditions etc.. are being taken away? I will wait for all the do gooder comments.That pub coukd have been put to far better use for the potterstreet community for many different reasons, i mean so many lonely people out there who are struggling with mental health, who could maybe have gone their and just for a chat or whatever but i am sure it could have been put to much better use where everyone could access the Place or even a youth scheme or where the younger people could get some help with any problems they may have. It seems wrong that it will be used for a mosque and nothing else.

2023-02-15 21:32:09

Bill, why didn't you buy it?

Dan Long
2023-02-16 15:39:17

Why dont you all stop assuming what the White house is going to be converted into and wait and see what the new owners turn it into.

Jacob Bronowski
2023-06-20 22:28:22

Jst to add Its been 2 years I've seen the harlow hotel become a refuge for imagrants ..the 200 Yr old white horse pub become a mosque.. David livingstone house being turned into flats and not for special needs people..and junipers business turned into shop run bye Turkish which some I don't mind to much but the problem is that none of these benefit the local community if anyone wants to go forward in time about 5 to 10yrs to see how it will look in potter street or harlow town then go have walk around Ilford and see how many locals say hello or strick up a conversation on equal interests

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