Stewards Academy receives high praise from Ofsted

Education / Wed 15th Feb 2023 at 08:19am

FOLLOWING the recent Ofsted Inspection, Stewards Academy is pleased to announce that it remains a good school. The inspection report, recently published, identified many strengths.

Inspectors commented on the pupils and their experience in the classroom: 

‘Pupils are friendly and welcoming. In lessons, they work hard and focus well. This creates a positive environment for them to learn in.’

And that:

‘Teachers teach the curriculum well. They plan learning that considers carefully how to build pupils’ subject knowledge. When teachers introduce new content, pupils can link it to what they have learned before. Teachers check pupils’ learning effectively.’

The design of the curriculum, of particular importance within the new Ofsted Framework. was considered, and it was recognised that:

‘Leaders ensure that pupils learn a broad curriculum.’

‘Leaders continue to develop some areas of the curriculum … This proactive approach ensures that the curriculum is suitably ambitious.’

The academy’s focus on reading following the pandemic was recognised as a strength:

‘Pupils like to read books often. They also like it when teachers read to them. Pupils who need to catch up in their reading get the help they need to read well.’

‘Leaders and teachers have made sure that all pupils become fluent readers. Pupils choose from a wide range of books to read for pleasure. Pupils read literature regularly in lessons. Less-confident readers get the support they need. Staff who teach reading identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge and teach pupils complex words to increase their vocabulary.’

The academy’s mission has always been to ensure pupils’ personal development is a priority. This, too, was recognised by the inspection team: 

`Pupils enjoy the wide range of clubs and activities on offer. In assemblies, pupils share news about school successes, for example in sports and rocket science competitions. Those who love poetry learn how to publish their work. School council members tell leaders and governors what works well in school.’

‘Leaders challenge pupils to show the school’s ‘courage’ values when they join clubs and activities. Pupils rise to these high expectations. Theatrical productions, dragon club, debate club, student ambassadors and multicultural baking events are some of the activities that broaden pupils’ perspectives. Pupils who have special responsibilities are excellent role models for younger pupils.’

Safeguarding is always a key focus for an inspection team and safeguarding was judged as effective at the academy.

Pupils are confident to talk about their concerns and worries because their teachers often remind them to “talk to us’’. Pupils are safe at school. When bullying sometimes happens, they are confident that staff will put a stop to it.

‘Leaders make sure that the curriculum includes information about how to stay safe. Leaders of safeguarding develop pupils’ awareness through fortnightly briefings about local risks. Pupils know how to keep themselves safe, including online.’

The Headteacher, Helen Ginger, stated: ‘I am very pleased that the numerous strengths of the academy have been recognised by Ofsted.

“I am sure that you would wish to join me in congratulating both staff and pupils on their efforts and achievements in receiving such a positive report.

“Of course, inspections are supposed to identify areas for schools to work on and we have already begun acting on the aspects raised. We look forward to them visiting us again in the future to celebrate the progress we have made and will continue to make in the future.’

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