HTS union members set to take industrial action

News / Thu 16th Feb 2023 at 12:11pm

UNITE has notified HTS that its members plan to take industrial action on Tuesday 21 February, Thursday 23 February and Tuesday 28 February. 

HTS and Harlow Council have issued the following joint statement:

“We are disappointed by the industrial action that Unite are taking. HTS management have been and will continue to engage with Unite. 

“Most of the issues raised by Unite have been resolved. The one issue outstanding is Unite are asking for a lump sum payment for its members at HTS of £3,000. At the end of last year HTS staff received a flat rate increase of £1,925 which was the same for council staff as part of a nationally agreed pay offer. 

“National negotiations with trade unions on a new pay offer for April 2023 onwards will begin shortly.

“The HTS workforce do a fantastic job and provide a range of important environmental and housing maintenance services for the town. We appreciate that the cost of living is impacting everyone, but a further pay increase this financial year beyond what has already been agreed nationally is not financially sustainable at this time.

“The industrial action will only involve HTS workers who are Unite members. Plans are in place to continue running essential services and disruption to residents will be kept to a minimum.

“HTS have started to and will continue to communicate with residents whose appointments will be affected.”

Updates on HTS service provision affected by the strikes will be published and communicated to residents. 

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5 Comments for HTS union members set to take industrial action:

Dave Benson Phillips
2023-02-16 15:39:16

Tbh will any of use even notice?

David Forman
2023-02-16 17:42:03

I wish my former HTS colleagues all success in their pay dispute. I know they deserve it.

2023-02-17 11:26:19

What a load of nonsense! Unite were picketing outside Lidl last week and I just couldn't believe it! They were right outside the main entrance what a joke! I get the impression its all about more more and even more! If you don't think your job's pay is suitable then go and seek another job elsewhere! Simple! Why should members of the public suffer when ever workers want more money! The workers took the job at the pay they are currently receiving so why don't they accept it! Its just greed and the world is full of it now! Just take stroll around Harlow and take note of how many HTS Workers are in Gregs, Giving mum a lift to the shops in their HTS vans or even having an extended tea break in their vans in the Stow car park all 6 vans together! Its socialist nonsense and it needs to stop or this country is doomed along with the unfortunate residents!

2023-02-17 13:34:21

It says: ““The HTS workforce do a fantastic job and provide a range of important environmental and housing maintenance services for the town.” What planet are they on. Just look at the state of the town! There own reports shows they have a backlog of over 5,500 jobs. I suppose this strike will be great news for Gregg’s. Doubt if anyone else will notice.

2023-02-21 20:03:05

Absolute bloody joke!! As a leaseholder that pays a service charge that includes cleaning. 4hours of cleaning of the block is meant o happen weekly. They sit in the van for 20-30 then leave the site. Our block is an absolute s%#@ tip, but when asked for proof the cleaners have been here I get a "sign off" sheet with boxes ticked. Majority of the workers do not do a proper day's work. I have heard stories of them sitting in cafes majority if the morning while on the clock, workers & managers

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