Some ambulance callers to be told go elsewhere

Health / Thu 16th Feb 2023 am28 09:17am

A NEW way of screening ambulance calls is to be introduced across England in an effort to improve response times.

NHS England is asking ambulance crews to review which emergency calls other than those classed as immediately life threatening can be treated elsewhere.

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4 Comments for Some ambulance callers to be told go elsewhere:

2023-02-16 11:03:06

So class 2 is to include strokes & heart attacks as these aren't life threatening!!!!

2023-02-16 15:25:08

We really need to focus on healthy life style, food,exercise etc.,coz this is not going to the right direction .Better life style healthier population less usage of NHS.

2023-02-16 15:27:09

Pay more in taxes get less in response. There is something significantly broken in the UK all political parties are to blame as they are made up of those with no real ability. We have an allocation issue, to many managers and administrators / paper shufflers not enough actual people who do.

2023-02-16 21:02:03

I venture to suggest Adam that the reason the NHS is broken is under funding for 13 years of Tory rule. Budget increases were annually capped at 1.6%. Far short of the 6.5% from the previous Labour government. There are now 150, 000 medical staff vacancies. Osborne and Cameron cut the numbers doctors training and removed the bursary for training nuslrses. Our ready supply of nurses amd doctors dried up with Brexit. We are now recruiting from Pakistan amd Nigeria. 25,000 fewer beds. 7.2 million on waiting lists to be diagnosed or treated. 500 people dying every week from delays in A&E. Waits of 12, 13, 14 hourS to be seen in A&E. Two weeks or more for a doctor's appointment. 13% of English mental health beds are owned by American corporations. 40% of the private mental health companies (including American ones) paid £1.3 million a day by the NHS need safety 'improvement'. The money being given to these companies including those GPs owned by these companies and large.parts of treatment eg CT and MRs scans are all operated in the NHS. Please wake up! It is being privatised by stealth amd steadily getting worse. Former health minister Savid Javid ho now has close yies to American health insurance companies, has floated the idea of an appointment with your GP costing £25 and visits to A&E £75. You talk of paper pushers who made things disastrously worse? Tory health minister Andrew Lansley whose 2012 reforms were a deliberate commercialisation and marketisation of the NHS, establishing commissioning groups to allow and encourage competition and drive down costs. The only benefactors alhave been private contractors while the damage being fragmentation of the structure, closure of essential services to make savings, several markers of a sicker population than other European countries, and a seriously demoralised workforce. You keep voting Tory mate. I'd rather go back to a max wait for GP appointment of just 2 days, A&E waits of under 4 hours and ambulances arriving within 20 minutes rather than in hour.

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