Harlow Labour leader backs plans to boost police patrols should they win next General Election

Crime / Fri 17th Feb 2023 at 09:45am

THE LEADER OF Harlow Labour has backed promises by the shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper to boost local police patrols if it wins the next general election.


Councillor Chris Vince said: “”Labour’s shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper’s pledge on increasing community police officer numbers is welcome news for communities like Harlow which have been, for far too long, let down by this Conservative government’s endless austerity drive.

The recent announcement by the Conservative Essex Police and Crime Commissioner of restoring police numbers, comes after 13 years of less police on our streets and in our communities. 

It also comes at a cost to Harlow families who will pay for a reversal on his own government’s cuts by once again increasing his proportion of council tax.  Something he has done year on year since coming to power in 2012.  Yet only now, 13 years later, are policing numbers coming anywhere close to 2010 numbers, that’s 13 years of neglecting the safety of our communities.

Labour’s commitment to increasing community policing, 13,000 community police officers, is fully costed and will be paid for by forces sharing other services.  After 13 years of a Conservative government being soft on crime it will be the next Labour government which will once again be tough on crime and the causes of crime.  Labour’s plans will also include better training and more resources for front line police officers.

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6 Comments for Harlow Labour leader backs plans to boost police patrols should they win next General Election:

David Forman
2023-02-17 10:08:35

Sir Keir Starmer can be relied upon to keep half his pledges. Let's hope this is one of the 50% he keeps.

2023-02-17 10:17:28

dont need police patrols a better police service would be better

2023-02-17 11:31:27

cant wait till labour get back in power,everything is going to be brilliant,police,nhs,other public services

gary roberts
2023-02-17 16:03:13

I don't think Keir Starmer has the ability to carry out what is needed to change this country for the better. He is a Mr. Tony Blair without the charisma who has misled his membership in order to get the coveted and distinguished title of the leader of the Labour party. A once valued post. Warm words will not resolve policing in local neighbourhoods it is the character, ability and resolution of serious police officers committed to the role. In this town and in my area it worked very well for two years before being dismantled under austerity.

gary roberts
2023-02-17 16:52:10

Cllr. Vince just have a listen to this version of Keir Starmer: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=753017106046923&aggr_v_ids[0]=753017106046923&notif_id=1676639735141331&notif_t=watch_follower_video_explicit&ref=notif This video by Owen Jones just says it all about Mr. Starmer. Very sad.

2023-02-19 23:44:41

Says it all really https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/02/11/people-likely-victims-crime-labour-run-areas/

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