Objections to planning bid for new house in Arkwrights

News / Sat 18th Feb 2023 at 07:27am

A NUMBER of objections have been made to a planning bid to build a house in Arkwrights.

The application is for: Construction of three bedroom, five-person detached dwelling on land adjacent to 137 Arkwrights.

Below are just two of the objections to the application.

You can find more at www.harlow.gov.uk

Search for HW/FUL/23/00010 in the planning portal.


The amendments to this application have not addressed the previous reasons for refusal. The house has 3 bedrooms along the south side, which all have views of the garden and green wedge to the side. On the North side there is a further 3 bedrooms which all have views to greenery. This is the characteristic of the area, which was designed to be very low density.

All 3 of the bedrooms on the north side of the house will lose their views and connection to the green wedge. This would seriously affect the amenities of the property, which was bought in order to enjoy a green and natural outlook all around the home. In these 3 bedrooms you can currently see birds and woodlands, not a house.


The design of the building does not conform with the existing houses (137 to 142). (C) Houses 137 to 142 were cleverly designed to ensure maximum privacy, both front and rear. This was a strong point when purchasing the property. There are no windows on the north side of these houses. The proposed house is laid further back and does not conform with the existing format causing privacy concern for neighbouring properties. (D) The proposal shows a shared driveway with No 137. This exits onto a 90 degree corner which is already a dangerous hazard due to street parking. Current there are at least 10 vehicles parked off road between Nos 135, 136 and 137. The building of the proposed property will result in at least one of these vehicles, probably a large commercial van being parked on the road. It should be noted that a number of young children pass this way en route to the local nursery school.


On behalf of Harlow Civic Society I am objecting to this application for the following reasons:
1. This second application to insert a 3 bedroom house between Nos 137 – 136 Arkwrights appears to us to be no improvement on the earlier application, which was refused.
2. It is our view that, notwithstanding an alteration to the location of the proposed building since the refused application, it makes no material difference to our objections.
3. It will be too close to No 136 Arkwrights, resulting in unacceptable overlooking.
4. Car parking is already a problem in this area – an additional 5 person property will exacerbate this issue.
5. The street scene here is currently very good – as designed. With a fine

green space between Nos 136 & 137. This aspect will be lost, to the detriment of all.
This application should be refused.
John Curry, for Harlow Civic Society

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5 Comments for Objections to planning bid for new house in Arkwrights:

Bert puttocks
2023-02-18 11:51:35

I'm building it anyway 💪

2023-02-18 12:02:21

We have bigger problems in arkwrights then objecting to planning permissions. Dealers openly dealing drugs on the streets, gangs and prostitution. Lived here 44 years, wished I had sold up and moved years ago. At the last neighbourhood meeting with essex police we was told crime was up 144% in arkwrights since 2018.

Dec Han
2023-02-19 09:18:48

I’m building it anyway!!!! What a completely arrogant attitude, from what I can only assume is a very arrogant person.

Yasmin Gregory - Green Party Candidate for Old Harlow, Gilden Park, Churchgate Street and Newhall
2023-02-20 12:42:50

The response that the building is going to go ahead anyway appears to be taken from a leaf from Harlow Council, East Herts Council, Essex Highways and Herts Highways. There are legal proceedings taking place yet prepping work for the Riverway Flyover and widening a road into a flood plain to serve houses which have not yet been approved are carrying on. I’m not suggesting for one moment that any planning decisions taken by Harlow Council or East Herts are pre determined - that would be illegal - however, the scant attention to detail paid by the councillors and staff over extremely complex planning laws is disconcerting to say the least. May I suggest you attend the Planning Meeting at the councils offices and hear first hand how these decisions are made. It’s quite enlightening to see the decision making process unfurl.

Mr F Bueller
2023-02-21 09:43:58

The house opposite this proposed location is in dire need of attention and needs addressing it has a collapsing garage, 2 rotten cars and a washing machine sitting out the front is a massive eyesore not to mention hazardous.

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