Planning application for 118 homes in The Stow back in front of Harlow Council

News / Sun 19th Feb 2023 at 08:06am

A PLANNING application for a re-development of former service industry bays into a mixed-use development comprising of 116 no. 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments is set to go before the Harlow Council planning committee.

The application site comprises the Service Industry Bays which is located within The Stow, CM20. The site is bounded by Howard Way to the west, The Stow to the east, Aldi supermarket to the north and St Andrews Methodist Church to the south. The main vehicular accesses to the area are from Howard Way and First Avenue/Mandela Avenue.

The planning permission was granted with a reduced timescale of 18 months in which for the planning permission to be implemented, with a section 106 legal agreement attached to the grant of consent that required a contribution of £50,000 to be paid before the occupation of the residential units towards healthcare and education improvements within Harlow.

Following on from this, application HW/REMVAR/20/00607 was submitted to vary this planning permission, which sought to separate the previously approved 10 no. live/work units into separate office/commercial use on the ground floor, and 10 residential duplex units (first/second floors). This would have resulted in the loss of the live/work units, with the number of solely residential units increased from 88 to 98. The application was approved in April 2021 subject to a Section 106 agreement.

It is understood that financial circumstances during the pandemic meant that it was not possible for the applicant to implement the planning consent. As revised, the current proposal seeks to increase the scale of the development by adding an additional 18 residential units to the scheme to total 116.

The additional units are proposed to be added primarily at fourth floor level and a new fifth floor, with the additional massing added in the northern section of the development. Some additional mass would also be added at third floor on the eastern section, where there was previously a recessed third floor from the eastern elevation. Additional mass would also be added at fourth floor level in the middle section of the western and eastern elevations, with the additional mass added onto the northern elevation at fifth floor.

The application may be heard on Wednesday at the Harlow Council planning committee. Meeting starts at 7.30pm.

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12 Comments for Planning application for 118 homes in The Stow back in front of Harlow Council:

Bruce Downey
2023-02-19 08:35:36

The Stow is always in the news for vandalism and antisocial behaviour. This could be the answer, people living on site looking out for themselves and others.

Dec Han
2023-02-19 08:59:37

People have lived “ on site “ ever since The Stow was originally built back in the day, how exactly will this proposed building project change things?

David Forman
2023-02-19 11:04:53

Does the £50,000 Section 106 agreement negate the need for affordable housing? Are these greedy (insert expletive of your choice) developers just getting their snouts deeper in the trough with the extra 18 housing units?

Neil WB
2023-02-19 11:13:30

Small businesses are slowly being pushed out by the big Multinational companies. What we really need are the reintroduction of service bays where small businesses can evolve and create employment opportunities for people who live nearby..

David Vincent
2023-02-19 12:49:51

Neil WB is spot on about the need for Service Bays for small businesses.

2023-02-19 13:51:29

The image of the proposal looks very bleak. Why are there no trees etc?

Dave Benson Phillips
2023-02-19 14:25:49

Will this be good for The Stow? Buildng there will be disruptive. There just isn’t enough concrete evidence.

Moaning murtle
2023-02-19 14:37:40

Ludicrous idea. Already stretched services locally like the doctors and schools. As mentioned above, it will not be for Harlow people. At the rate it's going we will have nothing but flats everywhere, goodbye local green spaces, businesses ect.

2023-02-19 18:26:56

More and more housing being built in Harlow is not improving the town, far from it☹️☹️

Bert puttocks
2023-02-20 14:27:32


peter henegan
2023-02-20 18:59:11

The site is just a dump at present. The quicker they build, the better

Joan Cook
2023-02-21 15:19:00

No more doctors, hospital on its knees! What a joke! Just keep on building. What happened to Common Sense! We need the infrastructure to go with all this building!

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