The Apprentice: Harlow’s Dani wins key task as project manager

Business / Sun 19th Feb 2023 at 08:13am

HARLOW’s Dani made sure that her first stint as project manager was a winning one on BBC’s The Apprentice.

The former St Mark’s pupils and Sawbridgeworth business owner’s group was tasked with designing a lunchbox and accompanying app for children.

Dani volunteered to be project manager for Apex, with big plans to make the lunchbox and app caterpillar-themed, while Sohail beat out Marnie to become Affinity’s leader this time around, suggesting a pirate treasure chest for the lunchbox reports The Radio Times.

Not everyone was impressed with Dani’s idea however, with team members voicing concerns that the caterpillar idea would be too young for the audience of six-to-eight-year-olds but Dani continued on with it anyway.

Over on Sohail’s team, Marnie became agitated after he placed her on the character development sub-team under Rochelle Anthony‘s leadership. The two ultimately ended up clashing after Marnie kept disagreeing with Rochelle over design decisions.

Taking their products to an online retailer and ASDA, Dani’s product received the feedback that it was too young for the target age group, while the lunchbox was too small.

Meanwhile, Sohail’s Platinum Pirate Adventures was not received very well by either retailer, with the experts saying that the design was too boring and underdeveloped.

Back in the boardroom, Apex were revealed to be the winners, receiving orders for 1,500 units, while Affinity received zero orders.

Sohail decided to bring Marnie and Bradley Johnson back into the boardroom with him to face Lord Sugar and while Lord Sugar said Marnie was disruptive and that Bradley contributed little, he declared Sohail responsible for the failure of the task and fired him.

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2 Comments for The Apprentice: Harlow’s Dani wins key task as project manager:

2023-02-19 20:27:35

I love the apprentice. She won because the other product was completely crap. While her product was rubbish but less rubbish.. I hope she wins

Cristin Casey
2023-02-22 09:02:09

Dani for the win!!

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