Plans for new drug and alcohol centre near former Passmores House

General / Mon 20th Feb 2023 at 11:35am

PLANS for a new drug and alcohol centre near the former Passmores House have been submitted to Harlow Council.

The plans are for: Demolition of existing buildings and construction of a single storey recovery centre comprising 20 en-suite resident rooms, medical rooms, therapy rooms, activity space, communal dining, catering, management offices, staff facilities, associated activities and ancillary facilities, plant and servicing, parking, hard and soft landscaping.

The full application can be found on www.harlow.gov.uk

It is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday night.

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12 Comments for Plans for new drug and alcohol centre near former Passmores House:

2023-02-20 13:41:59

Another fine example of a waste of tax payers money, why should these people get help, self inflicted, we all go through things in our life that are unpleasant yet we don't all go down the slippery slope!

Bobby Bobbler
2023-02-20 14:42:09

great, I was looking for a place to get some drugs and alcohol.

2023-02-20 15:42:55

Andy, At least they are or have sought help, good luck to them.

Luke Burton
2023-02-20 17:38:46

Andy - I agree - ideally, people won't fall into the trap of drugs and alcohol when they fall on hard times. However, the reality is, no amount of wishing for a perfect world will make that fantasy translate into reality. I'd much rather people get the help they need, instead of them going out on the streets and committing crimes to fuel their habits.

2023-02-20 18:08:03

Nanny state to the rescue.

2023-02-20 18:52:47

When I saw the headline I thought a new pub was opening

Dave Benson Phillips
2023-02-20 21:21:25

Andy = Pillock

Angelika Baedorf
2023-02-20 22:16:11

It has nothing to do with "tax payers money". This organisation has been in Passmores House (next door) doing sterling work for people recovering from addictions of various kinds very successfully for many years. It has been an asset to the community during this time (the local people) keeping a valuable green area open for all. It would be good if Your Harlow could actually feature the positive side of this organisation's work in a future article.

Bruce Downey
2023-02-21 05:40:39

People living here with severe addictions would be more open to get help in the area where they live.

David Forman
2023-02-21 09:11:11

Nice to see the Christian values of solidarity towards people who are worse off than ourselves being expressed on this news item. May God/Allah help you if you are ever down on your luck.

2023-03-03 14:39:37

I think it's a great idea. Now just find them jobs there are plenty about. Working will keep them busy .

jean Turner
2023-04-05 13:44:39

To the Andies and Bobbies and Rays of this world, having worked in this field for 20 + years, I have seen so much courage, will-power, hard work, generosity of spirit and gratitude from clients who mainly just want a life. Using drugs, alcohol, food, gambling etc is a choice but addiction is not. No-one wakes up one morning and says "today I'm going to become an addict and ruin my life and my children's/parents/ partners life". All people deserve respect just because they are people.

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