Tory-run Harlow Council put forward budget plan

News / Tue 21st Feb 2023 at 09:09am

THE CONSERVATIVE-run Harlow Council put forward their proposals for the coming years budget.

At the cornerstone is a freeze on council tax (the Harlow portion).

Rents are rising by 7%.

Finance portfolio holder, Cllr James Leppard put forward his proposals at Thursday’s Cabinet meeting.

Film is below.

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10 Comments for Tory-run Harlow Council put forward budget plan:

David Forman
2023-02-21 09:25:39

Plus Fees and Charges are going up. The highest rate of increase is 14.29%, well above the rate of inflation. One of those is an increase for the premium green waste service which is used by a lot of pensioners. You can see the fees charges on agenda item 9b, Appendix E starting on page 37 of: https://moderngov.harlow.gov.uk/documents/b6030/Supplementary%20Agenda%201%2023rd-Feb-2023%2019.30%20Council.pdf?T=9

Bruce Downey
2023-02-21 09:39:33

Any excuse, rent increase on the grounds of inflation at its highest rate is a disgrace.The government is knocking back claims for higher pay for the same reason.

James Leppard
2023-02-21 09:54:48

David, the vast majority of fees and charges have been frozen. We have also frozen car park charges. Those that have increased are largely a result of passing on costs we have encountered. Along with the HDC element of Council Tax, we have sought to minimise the burden on residents as far as possible. Many Councils throughout the country are increasing tax by around 5%.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-02-21 10:54:23

James, did Harlow Council's purchase of the Harvey Centre include the car park? The parking charges there are very low compared with other large towns such as Chelmsford. Whilst any increase in parking charges is regrettable, even a doubling of the charge from £1 for up to three hours would still leave it about half the price in other towns.

2023-02-21 16:26:35

A good council would be slashing CTax. easy to do look at all the none statutory spending start with the playhouse, and senior Harlow council execs who have a salary bill in the millions Oh and stop buying shopping centers

2023-02-21 21:06:07

If only - Essex County Council (also Conservative) did the same thing. E C C have too many staff on higher and higher salaries year after year and four Harlow County Councillors with good expenses (via both E C C & H D C) who should do more to support ratepayers. Why do all four keep quiet over potholes and damaged road signs? Both these problems that blight Harlow should have been resolved during their term of office. One (of the four) is up for reelection in May 2023 I believe.

2023-02-22 11:25:49

@Stan Essex County Council elections are not until May 2025

Nicholas Taylor
2023-02-23 08:57:07

Nick, one of them is up for election in May for his Harlow Council seat,

David Forman
2023-02-23 14:15:04

Nice to see Finance portfolio holder James Leppard engaging with residents on this forum.

James Leppard
2023-02-23 14:23:43

Thank you David. As regards Council fees and charges, of the total 1,128 types of charges, we only increased 97. The remainder have been frozen. In the specific case of the Green Waste service, this has increased by 14.29% as you state. However, the provider increased their charges by 7% last year (which was not passed on to residents) and by a further 10.5% this year making for a cumulative increase to the Council of 18.23%. Therefore, we have still not passed on the full effect .

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