Robert Halfon welcomes £800 million boost for households

News / Wed 22nd Feb 2023 at 11:24am

HARLOW Member of Parliament, Robert Halfon, has welcomed the Government’s decision to extend the Household Support Fund until March 2024 with over £800 million of funding allocated to local authorities across the country. 

Through the new funding just announced, Essex County Council will receive an additional £18 million to support local families in Harlow and across the county, taking the total investment locally to nearly £50 million since the fund was first launched. 

The Household Support Fund has already helped vulnerable families across England through challenging times. Extending the fund until March 2024 will provide local authorities with an additional £842 million to establish schemes that support vulnerable families in their areas, such as food vouchers, energy saving packs, or items such as heated blankets. This funding will ensure that we continue to support vulnerable families with the cost of living in our local communities.

This comes on top of extensive support for those in need in the coming months. The most vulnerable will receive targeted cost of living payments, including up to £900 delivered in three installments, a £150 payment for those on disability benefits, and £300 on top of Winter Fuel Payments for pensioner households. Benefits and pensions will also increase by 10.1% in April, with the minimum wage seeing its largest ever cash rise, hitting £10.42 an hour. 

Harlow residents who are facing financial challenges can find out more and apply for support online at https://www.essex.gov.uk/money-debt-and-benefits/household-support-fund

Harlow MP, Robert Halfon welcomed the funding, commenting, “Supporting local families is a priority for me as we halve inflation, cut the cost of living and work to build an even better Harlow.

“The latest funding of over £18 million for Essex will go a long way in supporting the most vulnerable people across Harlow. The Household Support Fund is not means tested and any family in Harlow facing hardship can apply for support. Whether you need help with energy bills, furniture at home or everyday essentials like food and clothing, the Household Support Fund may be able to help.”

Mims Davies, Minister for Social Mobility, Youth and Progression, said, The Household Support Fund has already helped vulnerable families across England through these challenging times and I am pleased it will continue to do so for another full year.

“This is just one part of our extensive and targeted £26 billion support package, which includes payments worth £900 for millions of people on benefits and additional support for disabled people and pensioners, whilst every household will continue to save money thanks to our Energy Price Guarantee.”

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18 Comments for Robert Halfon welcomes £800 million boost for households:

2023-02-22 11:33:08

The headline says "Halfon welcomes £800 million boost for Harlow households", but the article makes clear it's £18 million for the whole of Essex, with only a small part, perhaps/maybe, going to Harlow. Again Halfon attempts to mislead the residents of Harlow with hit air and empty promises. p.s. where's the new hospital?

2023-02-22 12:54:33

This is really good news and thank you Mr Halfon , but all central government needs to do is reduce the cost of living. My gas is ten pound a day and I only live in a tiny one bed flat. It used to be £30 a month. How can the government allow these greedy energy companies to do this to its people? I do feel grateful for this country and our democracy, but it’s very sad when someone can help lower the price of the cost of living and they don’t.

2023-02-22 14:04:07

What a pity so many politicians either exagerate or avoid the full truth entirely. I'd vote for (almost) any party that stuck to the truth most frequently and respected the views of residents rather than their own personal interests.

2023-02-22 14:24:12

So it's not means tested so it will be abused. You can have thousands the bank and don't have to declare it. Can someone please explain why this is not means tested.

Joanne Carrington
2023-02-22 14:39:05

Yes more twaddle from Halfon :-(

Richard Lelean
2023-02-22 15:17:32

That's good news £800 million for the 25000 households in the town that's £32000 for each. Mr Halfon you can bring my cheque round anytime.

Dave Benson Phillips
2023-02-22 15:35:21

Halfon is the epitome of Jackanory.

2023-02-22 18:13:23

Robert Halfon did not write the headline. That is Your Harlow.

2023-02-22 22:02:05

It is so pleasing that Harlow will be getting £800 Million. I bet Boris is severely disappointed, as he is only had £129,000 + £90,000 in taxpayer-funded legal support during the investigation by the privileges committee into his lies about Partygate. While he will be getting a further five-figure cost, this pales against the £32K to every Harlow household. Will "£32K for every household" be slapped on the side of a bus? Will this be the Tory election pledge?

Luke Burton
2023-02-22 23:47:24

Looking forward to my cheque. Oh wait...

2023-02-23 07:01:24

Clare wrote gas used to be £30 a month now £10 a day, really. at least try telling the truth, I live in a 2 bed flat. Four of us gas/electric used to be £90 a month now nearer to £240

Nicholas Taylor
2023-02-23 10:20:30

Richard LeLean, don't go spending that sort of money, there are more like 35,000 homes in Harlow now, so splash out no more than £20k. Anything left over put in a high interest account for a rainy day!

Iain Lindsay
2023-02-23 10:43:39

As James correctly points out, It is YH who titled the piece £800 million for Harlow households. In his piece, Mr Halfon states that he welcomes the £18 million Essex will receive. And by the 'most vulnerable@, do we really mean the long-term work-shy who chooses not to work but want for nothing?

2023-02-23 12:12:52

What’s that supposed to mean Mike? If you want the truth and evidence, have a look at the screen shot of my smart metre. The evidence is pictured under the article on Facebook for all to see. That’s the truth. My gas is £10 a day. Don’t know why you are doubting that I’m not telling the truth when the screen shot is there as evidence.

2023-02-24 11:32:30

so according to that picture you pay £300 a month for gas and £75 for electric, is your heating on full blast all day every day cos it would have to be to use £10 of gas a day , my gas last month was £122 and electric £127 so your figures make no sense at all and the picture just tells me what your balance is not what youve used

2023-02-24 11:39:10

sorry my figures were wrong gas for february was £86 and electric was £160 and we have 4 people livin in a 2 bed flat, you need to check you are not over paying because to pay 3.5x more for a one bed flat sounds very excessive

Clare Harrison
2023-02-24 13:30:16

Hi Mike. Thanks for looking into my case. I appreciate it that you have taken the time to do this. No, I don’t have heating on full blast all the time . It’s a tiny one bed flat with just me in it. This is a prepayment metre with utilita so if I run out I’ll have no heating whatsoever, so I have to keep it topped up because if it goes to zero I’ll have no energy at all. This flat is very drafty and I’ve tried to sort that. I’m not lying, it really is a tenner a day for gas, even if I’ve been out all day with the heating off. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s almost like the prepayment smart metre is rigged.

2023-02-24 15:51:52

i agree something isnt right, my 2 bed has cold walls in my childrens bedrooms and the living room wall is cold also, i use a airer to heat up the living room, cheaper than having the radiators on, i repainted the childrens bedroom about 3 months ago and the mold has already reappeared, might have to damp proof it then repaint it again, saying that my bills are still a lot lower than yours, i pay by direct debit and deposit £250 in my energy account every month , i know you pay more on prepayment but still it seems a awful lot to pay for gas

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