Harlow MP backs Government plan to crackdown on domestic abuse offenders

Crime / Thu 23rd Feb 2023 at 10:56am

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon, has welcomed the Government’s plan to crackdown on domestic abuse in Harlow and across the country – Robert is backing plans to change the law and ensure offenders do not fall through the cracks, protecting victims and their families.

The Government has announced plans to improve how domestic violence, including coercive and  controlling behaviour, will be tackled across the country. There will be a change to the law to put physical and emotional abuse on the same level, with more powers for the police to actively manage offenders. 

Furthermore, the Government is actively improving the support available to victims, including through expansion of the ‘Action Needed Immediately’ scheme and new emergency support and advice services at jobcentres and benefit offices. This means that anyone who has suffered domestic abuse can seek urgent help in a safe and private space with support to contact the police or specialist domestic abuse services.

Member of Parliament for Harlow, Robert Halfon, welcomed the announcement, commenting, “There is no place for domestic abuse in our community. That is why I have passionately campaigned for better protection for victims of domestic abuse and action to tackle violence against women and girls since I was elected in 2010. The Government’s plan to tackle domestic abuse is a vital step forward to ensuring everybody feels safe at home and in public. 

“I have long since called for more family hubs to support vulnerable people and ensure victims of domestic abuse can get help when they need it. It is also important that victims are protected when they come forward, which is why I have lobbied the Victims Commissioner for greater victim safeguarding, especially for children.
“I am pleased to back the Government’s plan to crackdown on domestic abusers, ensuring everybody knows where they can go for help and making sure that police have the powers to deal with offenders and actively manage abusers in the community after release from prison. This joined up and long term approach will protect victims and their families in Harlow and across the country.”

Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak said,“No woman or girl should ever have to feel unsafe in her home or community and I am determined to stamp out these appalling crimes. As well as extra support for victims, we’re making it a priority for the police to tackle violence against women and girls and toughening up the way offenders are managed – preventing more of these crimes from happening in the first place, and bringing more perpetrators to justice.”

Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, added,“Domestic abuse is a despicable crime that leads to people’s closest relationships becoming a frightening existence of torment, pain, fear, and anxiety. The wide-ranging measures announced today will mean the most dangerous offenders will be watched more closely and added to the violent and sex offender register.”

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5 Comments for Harlow MP backs Government plan to crackdown on domestic abuse offenders:

2023-02-23 12:33:28

The government did the largest domestic abuse and coercive control with its lockdown laws so I am glad he and the rest of the government should be held to account. Or is it abuse OK when government does it ?

gary roberts
2023-02-23 14:00:59

Will the money follow the promises? I hope it does but when reality hits the fan on the costs then another warm words speech will follow. The whole criminal justice system in England and Wales needs massive investment: prisons, police, probation and courts. Until that happens all these promises are but a politicians form of BS, sadly.

2023-02-23 23:51:49

I agree with what Adam said. We were all locked down whilst the government partied. It was mental abuse what they did. The pandemic obviously doesn’t affect the upper classes in number ten.

Clare Harrison
2023-02-24 00:54:03

Our gov says quote: No woman should have to feel unsafe in her community. About time!!! I’ve lived next door to a dangerous man for seven years now. I’m a friendly person so I said merry Christmas to him seven years ago when I put my bins out. He’s stalked me ever since and abused me through our ajoining flat wall. He’s shouted antisematic abuse on VE Day, he’s shouted nazi stuff and racist stuff to people living here but he’s threatened to rape and kill me and I still have to live here. I have a panic disorder and severe anxiety and I’m too scared to go out my flat . I have to be escorted to my front door as I’m so scared I’ll meet him on the stairs. I’m going to upload some evidence on Facebook from lockdown when he got really bad and referred to me as the pussy and waits for me to get home then shouts: she’s mine. It’s creepy and wrong and he should be behind bars . He watches my every move and my ring doorbell caught him calling me the pussy as I walked to my front door. This is misogynistic abuse and it’s scary. The police finally did something in 2020, but I still have to live next door to him and I’m scared for my life. Then there’s the bloke who lives underneath me who shouted and spat in my face who ambushed me on the stairs with another man last year. The council know everything and so do the police. If I could afford to move I would , but I’m stuck here living in fear and the council won’t move me to band one. It’s all well and good saying they will take action, but it’s just words. I don’t believe anybody anymore. Nobody wants to help me out of this situation. I’m probably stuck here until I go into a care home.

2023-02-27 05:16:49

Domestic abuse doesn't only affect women... one of my closest friends was being beaten daily by his wife and his daughter. He ended up taking his own life because the police didn't take his reports seriously. Some people laughed and said a man couldn't be abused. Let's not pretend that it is a one sided occurrence please.

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