Sir Rod Stewart visits Harlow hospital where he paid for patients’ scans

Health / Sat 25th Feb 2023 at 11:51am

THE radiology team at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust (PAHT) welcomed Sir Rod Stewart, singer and songwriter, for a special visit to the mobile MRI unit today (24 February).

Sir Rod kindly funded a day’s worth of scans for patients who require a MRI scan which were carried out in a mobile unit at the hospital. The funds were used to cover the hire and use of the equipment, maintenance and operational costs.

The mobile unit is an additional resource to the existing two MRI scanners at the hospital, enabling an extra 20-25 patients to be scanned in a day. 

Edmund Devlin, who received an MRI scan today, said: “I’m here to have a
much-needed MRI scan as I’m in a lot of pain and it’s really difficult to walk at the moment. Hopefully, they will be able to find out what is wrong and go from there. It’s a really generous thing of Sir Rod to do, and I am very thankful.”

When visiting the hospital, Sir Rod Stewart said: “It’s been an honour to fund the MRI scans taking place today at PAHT. Early detection and MRI scans are so essential in protecting your health.

“If this is a big success, which I think it will be, I’d like to do it in Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, and just keep it going, and hope some other people follow me.

“Bless the NHS workers, they work so hard. Thank you for the invitation.”

Stephanie Lawton, chief operating officer at PAHT, said: “It has been fantastic to work with Sir Rod and we are grateful for his donation and support.

“We have been able to scan between 20-25 additional patients today, which will help to reduce our waiting list by 10%, and move those patients onto the next stage of their diagnosis and treatment. 

“A huge thank you to Sir Rod and we would be delighted to work with him again in the future.”

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7 Comments for Sir Rod Stewart visits Harlow hospital where he paid for patients’ scans:

Tony Durcan
2023-02-25 12:29:07

Whilst this is such a wonderful and kind gesture you do have to ask why. Surely the nhs should be paying for this at source and people don’t have to rely or wait for this time of diagnostic tests. Thank goodness for people like this but come on we deserve better from the government.

Aunty Boo.
2023-02-25 13:30:08

I wouldn't have expected anything less from you Tony Durcan. From years of working with you at PAH you always had something to say. I agree that the NHS should be able to be funding this but have you had your head in the sand for the past several years. We are still playing catch up because of Covid and not all of this is down to one particular government and you know it. Back in the 80s and 90s we had people donating money to us to help buy extra equipment for A&E and the rest of the hospital. Your comment was people shouldn't have to wait for this type of diagnostic test. In actual fact Tony the wait is not so long now. I saw a Dr in mid January and had my scan at St Mags last Saturday so stop trying to make this political as we all know you are/were a Harlow Labour Councillor. Anybody that can help out the NHS in any capacity (especially considering the influx of illegal immigrants now using our services) and put a smile on some patients faces is always a bonus.

2023-02-25 16:41:58

Wow and well done to sir rod stewart for making this possible. Such a huge act of kindness.

2023-02-25 19:03:18

Some guys get all the luck

2023-02-25 19:38:37

‘Influx of illegal immigrants’ eh Aunty Boo? Is that why the NHS is struggling? Nothing to do with over a decade of Tory underfunding and population growth which is primarily due to people living longer? Any evidence for the illegal immigrants hypothesis?

2023-02-26 12:46:58

Totally agree Person Aunty Boo appears to have a dog whistle stuck in her throat.

2023-02-26 13:16:42

person you must not say the immigrant word ,you be called a rascist,they dont cost us a penny.well done rod stewart for his kindness.

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