Successful Safer Streets Fund bid will help boost action to tackle crime in Harlow

Crime / Tue 28th Feb 2023 at 08:04am

FOLLOWING a successful bid to the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, Harlow Council has been awarded over £83,000 to work with the Safer Harlow Partnership (SHP) to help make Harlow safer.

The SHP is made up of representatives from Harlow Council, Essex County Council, the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board representatives and the Probation Service. The partnership will be using this money, obtained through the Safer Streets Fund, to put together a range of activities which aim to tackle issues associated with anti-social behaviour (ASB), crime and serious violence, particularly knife crime and violence against women and girls (VAWG).

Amongst the initiatives that will be funded, the total award of £83,161 will go towards:

  • Improving CCTV coverage in crime hotspots and areas vulnerable to crime – this includes cycle paths.
  • Supplying the council’s Community Safety Officers with body worn cameras to help protect them, capture evidence and support successful prosecutions.
  • Working with partners to provide outreach work in the town centre to help reduce ASB, particularly in Market Square.
  • Purchasing drone equipment to help detect crime and provide evidence.
  • Tackling the dangerous and illegal use of e-scooters, particularly on cycle paths and in shopping areas.
  • Working with partners to increase safety as part of targeted work to monitor and respond to night-time economy issues.
  • Running a VAWG conference in the autumn.

The Safer Streets Fund award will also help to further the three overarching objectives set out in the council’s Community Safety Strategy, which are:

  • Strengthening the council’s engagement with residents.
  • Implementing a renewed and more proactive approach to community safety.
  • Adopting a zero-tolerance approach to crime and anti-social behaviour.

Commenting on the funding award, Councillor Joel Charles, Portfolio Holder for Business and Community Resilience, said:

“The funding secured will help deliver the Safer Harlow Partnership’s priorities and enable more progress to be achieved in taking forward the council’s Community Safety Strategy aim to confront anti-social behaviour and crime, head on in the town.   

“By working in collaboration with the Safer Harlow Partnership, targeted interventions can be deployed to address pockets of criminality in the town that require a zero-tolerance approach. It is also clear that the continued work carried out in partnership with the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex is making a difference. Through the council’s strong working relationships and the new funds received, more work can be done on the ground to reassure residents that action is being taken to ensure Harlow remains a safe place to live, work and visit.

“This funding announcement coincides with the Government’s raft of recent announcements to tackle violence against women and girls. One of the Safer Harlow Partnership priorities is to address domestic abuse. It is therefore welcome news that controlling or coercive behaviour will be treated the same as physical violence for the first time. Some of the funding secured will go towards activities aimed at addressing such crimes.

“Only through a proactive approach towards anti-social behaviour and crime can the council and its partners deliver a prevention strategy that delivers real action on the ground – the funding package secured will enable more progress to be achieved.”

For more information about the Safer Harlow Partnership and its priorities, please visit: https://www.harlow.gov.uk/safety-and-crime/community-safety/safer-harlow-partnership

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7 Comments for Successful Safer Streets Fund bid will help boost action to tackle crime in Harlow:

Luke Burton
2023-02-28 08:15:04

£83k? Is that it? How much funding has Harlow lost for policing over the past 13-years?

2023-02-28 09:32:26

Who brought this to our town in the first place, it's become a cesspit.

2023-02-28 10:02:03

Wow! £81k. Really going to tackle crime with that! What a joke! Get a few Garden Gnomes dressed up as police to put in Market Square for that.

2023-02-28 13:44:49

An investment in youth services to divert youngsters away from crime is missing from this package. It's part of tackling the causes of crime. Add to that more employment and training opportunities.

2023-02-28 14:25:20

The street lighting needs to be sorted out in harlow. So many of the lights are not working and it is pitch black and you cannot even see the pavement. It is shocking and you cannot even see someone until they are right near you, the car situation is out of control and more and more are blocking the pavements which means pedestrians have to walk in the roads, also very dangerous for drivers when cars overlap part of a junction and cars have to really pull out to make sure it is safe for them to go. Absolutely shocking. Cars parking on pavements must stop.

2023-02-28 16:59:24

@. Me ; From your description of the lack of lighting out there, I would suggest that you need to see an optician.

2023-03-01 07:58:43

£83k. Should last a couple of hours.

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