Full details of Harlow Council tax bandings

News / Sat 4th Mar 2023 at 07:23am

THE total amount Harlow residents will pay in Council Tax from 1 April 2023 has been set and this year’s bill will include a freeze in Harlow Council’s share. 

Essex County Council will increase its share by 3.5%, which includes 2% for Adult Social Care, the Essex Police & Crime Commissioner will increase Essex Police’s share by 6.84% and Essex Fire Service by 6.57%. Harlow Council’s share will be frozen.

The increases from the county council, police and fire mean the overall bill will increase by 3.48%. 

Although Harlow Council collects council tax it only keeps £14 out of every £100 collected, £71 goes to Essex County Council, £11 to Essex Police and £4 to Essex Fire & Rescue Service.

Residents will receive their new bills in March. Harlow’s Council Tax bill from 1 April 2023 will be made up as follows:

Council Tax help and support

Residents can pay their bill over 12 months between April and March rather than over 10 months. Please email: [email protected] before 1 May 2023.

Residents who are struggling to pay their Council Tax or rent should visit www.harlow.gov.uk/benefits

Residents can also manage their Council Tax online and sign up to get their bill online at https://selfserve.harlow.gov.uk/MyAccounts

For information email [email protected], visit www.harlow.gov.uk/council-tax or call 01279 446688

Some 6,600 households on low incomes receive support with their Council Tax, and this support will continue for families and households struggling with the cost of living.

The scheme funds up to three quarters of the overall Council Tax bill for those of working age and up to 100% for those of pensionable age eligible for support. For more information and to apply for Council Tax support visit www.harlow.gov.uk/benefits/council-tax-support

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8 Comments for Full details of Harlow Council tax bandings:

2023-03-04 09:27:13

More money to pay for few services, what do the feckless public sector do with this money apart from bleating on they are under paid (hint they are not)

Dan Long
2023-03-04 09:45:10

Me and my wife have not got a problem when it comes to paying more council tax to fund the Police, Fire and Ambulance services but when it comes to pay more towards Essex county council, we do have a problem. Why do the Harlow residents have to fund them more money when they are not doing anything about the state of the roads and footpaths here in Harlow. So we are 100 % against funding Essex county council more. And come on Russell Perrin and your Tory administration district councillors, you should be in negotiation with your fellow administration county councillors to get the roads and footpaths in Harlow repaired and made safe.

Neil Francis Rickards
2023-03-04 09:59:10

My God every department in Goverment, fuil food heating companys ect are milking us dry how do they exspect us to keep paying out from a fixed income, from O A P the goverment waist so much money on projects not needed IE 120 Billion on a train to gain 20 Min:

2023-03-04 10:04:25

Dan Long you are right. The bosses at ECC enjoy private health insurance, a choice of luxury cars and higher salaries than the Prime Minister all paid for by the good old council taxpayer yet the still have the audacity to plead poverty. Aka snouts in the trough !

2023-03-04 14:15:21

We have one of the highest council taxes in UK( much higher than in London)and to be honest I cant see this money in our area.

2023-03-04 18:19:40

Dan Long you are right, ECC need to get off their backsides and fill in the huge potholes on almost every road, so that we don’t keep damaging our cars and then having to put in a claim. Only to wait months to be reimbursed.

2023-03-05 15:23:32

TJESE ARE THE FACTS: In October, a budget statement revealed Essex county council is investing less than half of the amount needed to correctly maintain its roads, footways, street lighting and other public rights of way. It was also outlined the council no longer has a revenue budget for potholes, meaning they are now entirely reliant on the Department for Transport’s pothole fund and capital maintenance allocation. The statement revealed the assets, including roads and footways, are in "managed decline", as Essex County Council is investing £36.675 million per year of the £77 million required to maintain the assets. My comment: All councils have had very heavy cuts in the money received from successive Tory governments. You know what to do if you want to see a change...

2023-03-05 15:28:47

Public sector workers, including local government employees, have had below average and certainly way below inflation pay rises since 2012. The chief executive may have top of the range car and massive salaries packaged with great benefits, but the employees don't!

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