Mothers denied gas and air in labour say their births were traumatic

Health / Mon 6th Mar 2023 at 10:10am

WHEN Leigh Milner gave birth to her baby boy last month she was expecting “all the pain relief” but ended up with just paracetamol and describes her labour as absolutely unbearable reports The BBC.

The BBC journalist delivered her son Theo at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, one of several that have recently suspended gas and air due to fears midwives and doctors have been exposed to unsafe levels.

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6 Comments for Mothers denied gas and air in labour say their births were traumatic:

2023-03-06 11:22:23

Gas has negative consequences on midwife, nurses, doctors health that should be enough to understand and stop using it.Pain relief should be available but only if its safet to ise it.We all know labor is painful it is what it is

2023-03-06 13:43:01

My son was born at PAH in 2017 it was totally horrific, no one listened or read my wife's notes. They would not entertain a C section when it was obvious it was headed in that direction. In the end it ended with a hemorrhage, emergency C Section and traumatised new mother. The hospital is really not fit for purpose and its staff are at best average. This is not a money thing with the NHS it is an attitude which is institutional. Mari - you sound all heart, G&A has been used for decades funny now it becomes an issue

Alice Francis
2023-03-07 05:28:47

If the doctors, and nurses now suddenly have a problem wear a face mask, it apparently protects everyone from covid, so glad shouldn't be a problem. Masks are apparently very effective. Adam sorry about your wife no new mum should be treated that way. I hope you put in a complaint and to watch dog.

2023-03-07 09:06:59

Alice we tried but the notes mysteriously went missing

2023-03-07 09:34:36

I'm surprised this hasn't come up sooner. Surely the solution is to improve ventilation in the wards to remove the waste contaminated air quicker rather than denying patients pain relief?! That is what any other business would do if the air was contaminated by a required or necessary process. How comes public bodies struggle to understand fit for purpose environments? Recycling of cleaned patient air is already an adopted process in operating theatres and there is even a Harlow based business who provide these cleaner cartridges and solutions for clean air!

2023-03-07 14:20:06

Shocking reading this and also it was shocking reading thecomment from Adam about his wifes traumatic labour. I cannot believe that some women have had to just have paracetemol throughout their labour, they dont even work on my headaches let alone labour pains. My heart breaks for these poor women and i also totaly agree with adam regarding the comment from Mari, she does seem like a very heartless person and gas and airhas been used for ages. It seems like people these days have to make a change to something. These poor women, its so wrong.

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