Epping plan will see thousands of homes massed on Harlow’s border

News / Tue 7th Mar 2023 at 02:52pm

AN Essex council has approved its local plan, a blueprint for roughly 12,000 houses across the district as well as infrastructure and other policies reports the Local Democracy Reporter.

Epping Forest District Council’s local plan sets out how it will achieve growth until 2033, and has allocated land for 12,199 homes.

It also includes plans for infrastructure such as a new multi storey car park and leisure centre in Epping, as well as the potential relocation of Princess Alexandra Hospital to the east of Harlow garden community.

The local plan period covers the 22 years between 2011-2033. Since the council is 13 years into this, many of the total number of homes are already accounted for. In the period until March 2022, 3,023 of the homes were built while 1,665 more received planning permission. 210 are accounted for by windfalls, according to the plan. That leaves 3,400 homes allocated in three new garden communities in Epping Forest, and 3,901 elsewhere in the district. Here is where they will go.

Garden Communities – 3,400

  • Latton Priory – 1,050 homes
  • Water Lane Area – 2,100 homes
  • East of Harlow – 750 homes

Epping – 709

  • Land south of Epping – 450 homes
  • Land at St Johns Road – 34 homes
  • Epping Sports Centre – 42 homes
  • Cottis Lane Car Park –  47 homes
  • Bakers Lane Car Park – 31 homes
  • Land and part of Civic Offices – 44 homes
  • Land at Bower Vale – 50 homes
  • Epping Library – 11 homes

Loughton – 455

  • Land at Vere Road – 9 homes
  • Borders Lane Playing Fields – 217 homes
  • Royal Oak Public House – 10 homes
  • Loughton Library – 20 homes
  • Land at Former Epping Forest
    College – 111 homes
  • Land at Station Road – 12 homes
  • Land West of Roding Road – 9 homes
  • 2 Land at 63 Wellfield – 10 homes
  • Land at 70 Wellfields – 6 homes
  • Land at Alderton Hill – 19 homes
  • Land at Traps Hill – 6 homes
  • St Thomas More RC Church – 18 homes
  • Land at High Beech Road – 8 homes

Waltham Abbey – 836

  • Land West of Galley Hill Road, Lea Valley Nursery, Crooked Mile and adjoining Parklands – 740 homes
  • 4 Fire Station, Sewardstone Road – 16 homes
  • Waltham Abbey Community Centre, Saxon Way – 53 homes
  • Waltham Abbey Swimming Pool, Roundhills – 27 homes

Ongar – 581

  • Land West of Ongar – 99 homes
  • Land at Bowes Field – 135 homes
  • Land at Fyfield Road – 27 homes
  • Land North of Chelmsford Road – 163 homes
  • Land at Greensted Road – 107 homes
  • Land between Stanford Rivers Road and Brentwood Road – 33 homes
  • Land South of Hunters Chase and West of Brentwood Road – 17 homes
  • The Stag Pub – 9 homes

Buckhurst Hill – 87

  • Land at Powell Road – 31 homes
  • Queens Road car park – 41 homes
  • Stores at Lower Queens Road – 15 homes

North Weald Bassett – 1,050

  • Land West of Tylers Green, at Tylers Farm, South of Vicarage Lane, Chase Farm and the Acorns, Chase Farm – 1,050 homes

Chigwell – 206

  • Land Between Froghall Lane and Railway Line – 105 homes
  • Land at Chigwell Nurseries – 65 homes
  • Land at Fencepiece Road – 6 homes
  • Land at Grange Court – 8 homes
  • The Maypole – 11 homes
  • Land at Hainault Road – 11 homes

Theydon Bois – 57

  • Land at Forest Drive – 39 homes
  • Theydon Bois London – 12 homes
  • Land at Coppice Row – 6 homes

Roydon – 48

  • The Old Coal Yard – 7 homes
  • Land at Kingsmead School – 21 homes
  • Land at Parklands Nursery – 20 homes

Nazeing – 118

  • Land at St Leonards Road – 33 homes
  • The Fencing Centre, Pecks Hill – 25 homes
  • Land to the rear of Pound Close – 39 homes
  • Land at St Leonards Farm – 21 homes

Thornwood – 172

  • Land at Tudor House – 124
  • Land West of High Road – 48 homes

Coopersale, Fyfield, High Ongar, Lower Sheering, Sheering and Stapleford Abbotts – 161

  • Coopersale – 6 homes
  • Fyfield  – 14 homes
  • High Ongar – 10 homes
  • Lower Sheering – 14 homes
  • Sheering – 84 homes
  • Stapleford Abbotts – 33 homes
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17 Comments for Epping plan will see thousands of homes massed on Harlow’s border:

2023-03-07 15:27:42

Note the major burden falls on Harlow. As Harlow won't get any benefit we should be constructing toll booths or moat and drawbridges across the A414, Water Lane & Rye Hill Road.

2023-03-07 16:03:40

I totaly agree with Nostradamus,well said.

2023-03-07 17:11:40

It is pretty obvious that the Harlow boundaries will need to change to either be that of the HGGT district, or better still to be the same as the Parliamentary constituency, giving Harlow much needed land. As it stands, there is nothing much to stop Epping building on land in its district. In this case, Harlow’s former Labour Council fully supported and signed up for this in 2017 when they joined the HGGT project.

2023-03-07 17:35:42

I suspect Harlow boarders will be increased to include these new communities after they are built. Probably the plan all along to keep Harlow council out of the loop in my opinion.

2023-03-07 17:59:16

So we end up with a concrete jungle from London to Cambridge the way things are going. No infrastructure in place, hardly any social housing, loss of much needed farm land. We will have to rely on importing fresh produce from abroad, which will send prices through the roof. I have yet to meet one person who wants all this development. The planners should be ashamed of themselves for destroying the green belt, but they don't care one bit. It is all about greed and how much they can make out of it. We have no Grandchildren, but in years to come, those that have, will be trying to explain to them what green fields were. Disgusting.

2023-03-07 19:07:27

The problem is rather more simple: UK population 1950 - 50 million UK population 2022 - 67.7 million

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-07 20:36:53

It's all going a head. I'm just so sorry for all the wildlife habitat s, thousands and thousands of trees, ecosystem s, destroyed. AT A TIME WHEN WE SHOULD BE SAVING IT.

Mr Grumpy
2023-03-08 10:45:51

Welcome to the London Borough of Harlow !!!

2023-03-08 11:15:14

If I can afford to buy one of these lovely new houses that would be cool

Nicholas Taylor
2023-03-08 13:32:10

Mike, just take a look at the prices of the new houses along West Roads in Sawbridgeworth, that will give you a good idea of how much a new house at Gilston will cost.

2023-03-08 15:42:16

And the pressure on the nhs is going to be even more shocking!!! The hospital staff are run off there feet, they don’t have enough beds, people can’t register with a dentist , can’t see a gp. Mental health system, Schools. With the population growing in Harlow and surrounding areas. They have not taken in to consideration the above and build new practice’s above.

2023-03-08 16:07:33

Waltham Abbey 836 new homes-probably 1600 more cars on roads often gridlocked when a problem on the M25, rush hour or picking children up from school. We choose somewhere to live for quality of life which is being eroded. Can’t improve the infrastructure without destroying more of the countryside

Mark Lavender
2023-03-09 10:15:32

Jack, large parts of London are more peaceful and fully developed unlike 'work in progress' Harlow. I left London around the same time. Maybe if I return after they have completed the task it may be nice. Oh! I forgot. I will probably find it unaffordable by then. Bit like my leaving London #professionalbraindrain

2023-03-09 16:21:48

@MrGrumpy - The London Borough of Harlow. If only there was a sweetener for Harlow though. How about a new underground station for starters. Harlow seems to be getting dumped upon by the surrounding villages. Soon there will be no green belt left and we will all be joined together in one mass of urban sprawl.

2023-03-09 16:23:57

@MrGrumpy - The London Borough of Harlow. If only there was a sweetener for Harlow though. How about a new underground station for starters. Harlow seems to be getting dumped upon by the surrounding villages. Soon there will be no green belt left and we will all be joined together in one mass of urban sprawl. The people who come up with these stupid ideas always live outside the area. Perhaps if they were dumped upon by new developments left, right and centre, they might see the wider picture.

2023-03-09 16:30:06

New developments up and down the land are badly designed. We all have cars, some have an average of two per household. The developers and designers never include enough parking for residents, or their guests, so parking issues arise between neighbours. Most people do use their garages for storing junk and those who may want to use their garage for their car, find the vehicle doesn’t fit. There was a song in the charts years ago, Little Boxes or something like that, made of ticky tacky. That song is still relevant today with these awful and badly-designed developments. They are NEVER the utopia that the designers hope for!

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-10 09:57:04

Strawbs , Apparently those new high rise built,by station, are all ready damp. And the new builds by dusty Miller, have had lots of problems.

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