Harlow MP backs Prime Minister’s controversial plan to “take back control of our borders”

General / Wed 8th Mar 2023 at 01:43pm

THE Prime Minister has announced controversial new plans to tackle “illegal immigration and stop small boat crossings across the channel”.

The new law (if passed) will ban people arriving illegally in the UK from seeking asylum and will give the Home Secretary powers to deport those arrive within 28 days. 

Mr Halfon told YH that the UK has a proud history of welcoming those most in need, with thousands opening their homes or offering help to people fleeing Ukraine or Hong Kong in the last year, but those arriving on small boats are “not directly fleeing a war-torn country or facing an imminent threat to life”. 

This plan to tackle the small boats will ensure that those who come here illegally can’t claim asylum, while being fair to those who have a legitimate claim. The new law will create powers to:

  1. Immediately detain anybody arriving on a small boat;
  2. Remove illegal immigrants to a safe third country within a matter of weeks;
  3. Ban anybody arriving illegally from seeking asylum in the UK;
  4. Deny access to the UK’s modern slavery system for anybody arriving illegally; 
  5. Stop late and spurious claims to delay the removal of illegal immigrants to a safe third country. 

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Halfon said, “Harlow is a welcoming and inclusive town and encourages people from all backgrounds to call the town home; however, I know that constituents are also concerned about the impact of illegal migration on our hospitals, schools and other public infrastructure. Today, the Government has taken action to tackle this problem.

“I believe that we must be a compassionate, welcoming and kind country that supports those with a genuine need to seek asylum in the UK. But taking back control of our borders is not the same as being uncompassionate and we must have an immigration that is fair to the UK taxpayer.

“I welcome the new legislation proposed by the Prime Minister and Home Secretary that will take action once and for all to stop illegal immigration and crack down on people smugglers who make thousands of pounds trafficking vulnerable people, and children, across continents by ensuring they will now face the full force of the law.”

Announcing the new plan to stop the boats, Home Secretary Suella Braverman said, The British people rightly expect us to solve this crisis and that’s what myself and the Prime Minister fully intend to do. We must stop the boats. It is completely unfair that people who travel through a string of safe countries then come to the UK illegally and abuse our asylum laws to avoid removal.

“It has to stop. By bringing in new laws, I am making it absolutely clear that the only route to the UK is a safe and legal route. If you come here illegally, you won’t be able to claim asylum or build a life here. You will not be allowed to stay. You will be returned home if safe, or to a safe third country like Rwanda. It’s the only way to prevent people risking their lives and paying criminals thousands of pounds to get here.”

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20 Comments for Harlow MP backs Prime Minister’s controversial plan to “take back control of our borders”:

gary roberts
2023-03-08 14:21:00

"Harlow MP backs Prime Minister’s controversial plan to “take back control of our borders.” Mr. Halfon when did we lose control of our borders? What about our sovereignty, when did we lose that? Or when did we stop making our own laws? In truth we have never lost control of any of these. In short this disgusting government is the only thing to have lost control of its integrity, and everything else!

gary roberts
2023-03-08 14:35:23

And oh I forgot. If we leave the ECHR court then this country will be finished as a serious democracy becoming a little island off the coast of mainland Europe.

Jim jones
2023-03-08 14:56:55

@Gary Roberts well said 👏👏👏👏👏

Michael Szpakowski
2023-03-08 15:30:45

Halfon’s support for Cruella Braverman & Sunak’s vile, racist, policies & their open encouragement to the thugs of the far right is a new low in a career which is rich with lows.

2023-03-08 15:52:07

OK Michael. Why don't you take in some illegal immigrants, feed them, give them shelter , and give them cash that they can send back to their families in Albania.

2023-03-08 16:37:51

Its amazing how often the Tory Government becomes "Tough on Immigration". Especially when they are doing badly in the polls, or when they need to deflect the news agenda from their deficiencies. Yet they never actually change anything.

2023-03-08 17:31:56

Gary Roberts, clearly we do not have sovereignty if cannot control who is allowed to enter, remain or be deported from our country. The largest group of migrants are Albanians, whose country is not at war, there is no persecution, genocide or similar. It is a country in Europe that is in the process of applying for EU membership. By any rational standards, these people do not qualify as refugees. They are illegal economic migrants at best. The are plenty of lawful channels to apply for residence here. I know from personal family experience. These people are abusing the system and it is grossly unfair on migrants who go through the lawful channels.

2023-03-08 17:39:58

Completely agree with Turkey's comment. And for all those against Robert Halfon's stance, I wonder how many of you have children waiting for a home and have no chance of getting one. I'm not saying all the asylum seekers are illegal, but we just cannot continue letting everyone in, when our own people are sleeping rough. Yes, a lot of the boat people are fleeing war torn countries, but I was under the impression that they should take refuge in the first safe country they arrive in. But no, they travel right through Europe and want to come to the UK, where they know they'll be housed and given benefits. It has to stop.

2023-03-08 17:49:19

I wonder why RH thinks this is THE bill that will allow us to "take back control" when in 2021 it was the “Nationality and Borders Bill” that was really, really going to do it. Perhaps RH can explain why he thought the “Nationality and Borders Bill” was going to “... will ensure that we can take back control of our borders to stop illegal immigration." when it has clearly failed. It must have failed because this new bill "will take action once and for all to stop illegal immigration". Or perhaps he can explain why the "groundbreaking deal with Albania, clearing our immigration backlogs and running weekly flights until every Albanian with no legal right to be here is sent home" as proposed in 2022 has not had the desired effect, and why he thinks the latest lawbreaking bill will do any better? Links to previous failures supported by RH. https://www.yourharlow.com/2021/12/10/robert-halfon-backs-controversial-immigration-bill/ https://www.yourharlow.com/2022/12/16/harlow-mp-welcomes-governments-new-plan-to-tackle-illegal-migration/ This is nothing more than the old "blame the immigrants for our troubles" ploy dressed up in worn out clothes.

Gary Roberts
2023-03-08 18:27:30

James, do you know what sovereignty means? All those countries in the EU do and would they, or have they revoked it? No chance. On your theory this once great country has! Tell that to your electorate and watch your party disintegrate.

2023-03-08 20:14:50

Why not have our own HRC like we was going to at one stage Other Countries dont bother with HR Charters, turned round and sent back, simple!

2023-03-08 20:57:33

We need a British Bill of Rights. This nation established the Rule of Law amongst civilised nations. We established the basic rights in Magna Carta such as trial by jury. The Bill of Rights 1689 that was the basis for US Constitution. The UK had been the source for the great Common Law that has been the bedrock of the great and enduring Anglo-Saxon democracies: USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries. European countries on the whole have followed the legal system based upon the bureaucratic and centralised Napoleonic Code. We need take no lesson from Europe with regard to due process and civil liberties. As Wordsworth wrote: “It is not to be thought that the great flood of British freedom, which to the open sea of the world’s praise … should perish. We must be free or die who speak the tongue that Shakespeare spake.”

Pete H
2023-03-08 20:59:06

I am puzzled. How do these migrants arrange their crossings. Are there travel agents in Calais, do they do it on line, tesco points, whatever. There seems to be no mention of stopping travel at source, surely if a migrant can arrange travel our police can also find the facilitators. Albanians apart, most of these people are coming from countries which I suspect very few of us would want to live in. We seem to do very little to help them improve their circumstances

2023-03-08 21:20:39

Pete H . Also the other safe countries they pass through don't help them improve their circumstances either. Why does it always have to be us.The millions we spent on these illegal, I will say that again .ILLEGAL immigrants, could be spent on the British people who are struggling to pay their bills , and having to use foodbanks, and are homeless. Help the migrants , once we have helped our own first.

2023-03-09 00:18:23

There are simply not enough immigrants in this country to explain the state of public services, NHS, housing etc. It’s a decade of Tory underfunding and an ageing population. Most immigrants are young and fit, they come here to work, often doing jobs British people choose not to do. They are not living a luxurious life at taxpayers expense. If you believe they are, you’ve just been conned by the Tories - ‘look over there, those immigrants are the ones making your life bad, not us’. Don’t let them continue taking you for fools.

2023-03-09 03:38:44

During World War II our forbears did not all up and leave for neutral Ireland or Canada. We cannot allow mass immigration from the Third World. For decades we have provided international aid and fulfilled our obligations. We are now paying the price for for Blair’s disastrous open borders policy compounded by Merkel’s decision to allow a huge exodus from Syria, which led to huge increases in crime. Anyone fleeing genuine persecution should claim Asylum in the first ‘safe country’ they arrive at. Why would anyone safe in France want to come here? Simple, the French don’t want them so it is obvious they will seek a nice hotel in the UK over a tent in Calais. We never too stupid. Yes we need migrants, but as a sovereign country we need to decide who can come. We need a strong points based system as Australia has taking into our economic needs, people with qualifications and skills, language and the ability and willingness to accept and adopt to British values and culture. Any commiting crimes should after serving their sentence be deported automatically. We have a Navy. Let them defend the Channel and stop any illegal crossings.

2023-03-09 06:58:09

Susan for PM , she has put it perfectly. And person , sorry i am still alive.

2023-03-09 12:15:11

I am just glad it is not 1939, just think of the mess we would be in.

2023-03-10 09:28:19

Totally agree with Susan her comments are 100% correct should have happened years ago…

2023-03-10 16:02:14

We need to look after our own people first. It is joke. Most of the countries these so-called refugees come from were previously European colonies. They wanted independence. They got it. Well now get on and sort your countries out. We cannot take in the world.

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