The Stow: Police attend another incident where man seen brandishing knife

Crime / Wed 8th Mar 2023 at 04:22pm

ESSEX Police has attended yet another incident where an assault has taken place involving a knife being brandished.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We were called to The Stow in Harlow at around 3pm yesterday (March 7th ) following reports of an attempted assault and a man seen in possession of a knife.

The victim was cycling when they were chased and attempts were made to assault them.

Officers attended within minutes but no suspects were located.

“Enquiries are ongoing”.

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8 Comments for The Stow: Police attend another incident where man seen brandishing knife:

2023-03-08 17:58:12

The stow again, now there's a surprise!!!

Eric Woods
2023-03-08 18:27:02

It’s about time Essex police started putting beat officers there as this is getting out of hand now !! This town has changed for the worst!!!

2023-03-08 18:38:04

Wheres the cctv they bragged about just days ago

Moaning murtle
2023-03-08 19:12:00

Right on top of school finishing and children walking home, obviously just don't give a damm. This is getting beyond a joke now, about time something got done.

Kay cole
2023-03-08 19:15:49

What's going on at the stow? Sounds dangerous!!

2023-03-08 22:46:35

Having been assured that the CCTV was fully operational I finding it peculiar that no suspects for this or the smashing of Dorringtons windows have been identified. I took a look at the CCTV in the Stow and immediately above Dorringtons shop windows there is a camera!

2023-03-09 02:46:56

About time that place was sorted out, it's always in the news for the wrong reasons.

2023-03-10 18:48:38

I live in Orchard Croft. Since the new m11 link opened the area is overrun with more cars/people than we have ever know. People are having there cars nicked, number plates nicked. Cars driving around slowly in the dead of night. Fly tipping is common. The shops in the stow are robbed daily. There litter every where mainly from the shops over flowing bins. It’s feel unsafe here. You never see the police even though it’s a high crime area. It feels like a slum.

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