Harlow and Gilston Garden Town boss named as “woman of influence”

Business / Thu 9th Mar 2023 at 12:23pm

CELEBRATING International Women’s Day, Garden Town Director, Naisha Polaine, has been named as one of The Planner’s Women of Influence for 2023.

Every year sees The Planner, the official magazine of The Royal Town Planning Institute, acknowledge the most influential women in and around planning, as nominated by their readers.

The Planner’s team of judges felt Naisha’s commitment to supporting colleagues, communities and the wider aims of planning deserved recognition with the citation referencing her “passion, clarity and professionalism, lifting others around her to approach planning, regeneration and delivery projects in the same way.”

The news comes on the back of last week’s announcement that saw East Herts Council agree to approve 8500 new homes for the Gilston area of the Garden Town.

Commenting on the award, Naisha said: “I am so thrilled that the work across the Harlow & Gilston Garden Town has been recognised in this way.

“Large scale growth is challenging to deliver, and I am privileged to work with some great people across our five council partnership in Essex and Hertfordshire. 

“Our partnership is a unique model and, on International Women’s Day, I’d like to acknowledge the huge role that women play in the leadership and delivery of public sector services and leading major development projects like Harlow & Gilston Garden Town.

“I am inspired by the passion and commitment shown in pushing forward regeneration and development in order to build thriving communities that can be enjoyed by this generation and the ones that follow,” said Naisha who is joined on the Influence list by 43 other women from Academia, Law, Media, Public Sector, Private Sector and Third Sector.

Click here to see The Planner’s Women of Influence list for 2023.

The Planner’s Women of Influence 2023 | The Planner

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8 Comments for Harlow and Gilston Garden Town boss named as “woman of influence”:

2023-03-09 15:24:30

I am glad she is thrilled because i am certainly not. All the green space and beautiful wildlife disappearing to make way for yet more ugly concrete structures and thousands more cars. I wonder if she lives nearby?

2023-03-09 17:32:56

Harlow & Gilston Garden Town Graphic Director - Harlow and Gilston Garden Town Harlow & Gilston Garden Town Apr 2021 - Present2 years Hill Group UK Graphic Non Executive Director Hill Group UK Feb 2020 - Present3 years 2 months Non-Executive Director of the Hill Board - an industry recognised leading housing developer and builder providing quality, distinctive new homes across London and the South East. Award winning 5 Star HBF customer satisfaction with a turnover of over £500m and 600 dedicated passionate staff. Proud to be part of TEAM Hill!

George Luckey
2023-03-09 17:49:49

Spot on YOU. The woman has no idea at all of how people are feeling about this development. I have not met 1 person who wants it, it is a disaster for Harlow as no one in the town will benefit from this outrageous development. Concrete jungle from London to Cambridge in a few years, and future generations will be asking their parents, what were green fields.

2023-03-09 18:35:43

George Luckey i agree with absolutely everything that you have said 100%.It is shocking what is going on with all this constant building of more and more homes in and around harlow. We are at bursting and green spaces and beautiful wildlife is going to be a thing of the past soon and that is truly a heartbreaking thought.

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-09 19:04:04

Spot on , you, and George.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-03-09 20:34:38

George, I can give you the names of 20 people, take a look at the list of Councillors in the last edition of Harlow Council's Harlow Times and see the 20 Conservative Councillors whose Party endorses the building on the Green Belt to the north of Harlow. Then if you have the time, look at the EFDC website and find the list of Councillors where you will see the names of the Conservative Councillors who voted for development on the Green Belt to the south and west of the town. Unless enough people come out and vote for an alternative Party at the local and national elections, nothing will change. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of the Harlow Alliance Party

2023-03-10 08:27:46

Come on 'Your' Harlow' how about your journalist interviewing and challenging these so called award winners about the publics opinion in this project, the destruction /impact it will cause and also of the now broken promises of affordable housing, infrastructure and the green spaces as per original plan.

2023-03-10 15:30:22

Those who work for an industry that makes massive contributions to the Conservatives party and profits for property speculators are simply patting themselves and Naisha Polaine on the back for creating housing problem that's not needed and adding to the housing problems of most of the population: as pointed out on Question Time broadcast last night. Many new properties in places like Ealing are empty. It's happening everywhere, developments are being built where houses are crammed together in ever smaller plots. Meanwhile, there's thousands upon thousands of unoccupied older properties and elsewhere this industry has large swaths of land, effectively made unavailable for housing by the practice of land banking. Most of the population especially the younger generation, desperately need homes can not afford to buy these properties so are being ripped off by high rents. It's time we heavily taxed land banked land and long term empty properties and used receipts from Council house sales to pay for empty properties to be bought by Councils and that Councils make up the remaining balance of properties needed, by building many many more Council houses and new ultra green towns with annual rents that are less than 10 % of the average salary. Being rewarded for trashing Harlow and putting the largest lumps of concrete and steel, tarmac and brick on green belt land for rich people escaping London is something of which hggt pfp and our Councils should be ashamed rather than revelling in the potential profits being made for shareholders. Have they not heard of Climate change and ecological degradation or quality of life?

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