Nazeing Primary School win David Bown Rugby Trophy

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FRIDAY morning pretty much saw every weather type possible! The morning blizzard welcomed the bravest Year 3 and 4 Tag-Rugby attendees, whose school staff were asking themselves if it was such a great idea to take part. A few teams dropped out before the early start, but once the teams were reorganized into the 4 groups, Mark Hall’s all-weather pitch was filled with children running, passing and tagging their way to success.

The improvement throughout the 90 minute festival was clear for many schools; those with previous teaching in school were able to model the rules and those with little prior experience soon picked up on the rules and plays.  

David Stacey, School Games Organiser for Harlow, gave thanks to Gill Pardoe, Luke Hammond and Harry Stacey for umpiring and encouraging the players throughout the snow, wind and rain. He also gave a fitting tribute to the late David Bown, Head Teacher of Saint Nicholas School who’s life was tragically cut short in a road traffic accident in 2020.

Mr. Stacey asked the all the 16 teams and staff for 3 cheers to honour David Bown as Phil Tucker (Head of PE at Saint Nicholas) was on hand to present Nazeing School with a Spirit of Rugby trophy adorned with his name. 

Teams who participated: Purford Green, Henry Moore x 3, Tanys Dell, Nazeing x 2, Cooks Spinney, Little Parndon x 2, Roydon, The Downs, Potter Street and Church Langley x 3 

Emerging Tag-Rugby Festival basks in Glory (and sunshine!) 

Following the morning’s blizzards and freezing temperatures, the Emerging Tag-Rugby event finished the afternoon amidst glorious sunshine as children from 12 teams (Henry Moore x 2, Saint Nicholas x 2, Cooks Spinney x 2 and  

Church Langley x 6) experienced the fast-pace of a Tag-Rugby competition but without the pressure that come with a full-scoring event. Designed to enable a greater range of pupils to take part in competition, the event was hastily switched to Church Langley’s all-weather pitch after the elements had seen Harlow Rugby Club’s surface deemed unplayable.  

The scheduled allowed all the athletes to experience a number of games throughout the afternoon and the standard of play was high, with all of the teams developing their understanding of tactics when defending and attacking, whilst improving their teamwork and communication skills. School Games Organiser, David Stacey, thanked Gill Pardoe and Harry Stacey for officiating throughout the afternoon matches and to the school staff who made the efforts to provide opportunities for their pupils.  

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