Review: The Unicorn at Harlow Playhouse

Entertainment / Tue 14th Mar 2023 at 09:42am

COULD we first tell you what we liked about The Unicorn.

This is a new play from award-winning writer Sam Potter. Performed by Alice Lamb. Directed by Offie-Award Finalist Tom Brennan.

It tells a story where shortly after Andrea is fired from her job, she finds herself overwhelmed by feelings of frustration and depression. She attempts to combat her loneliness through casual sex, but what starts as a distraction, soon threatens to take over her life.

This was superbly acted by Alice Lamb. She owned that stage and all the characters she played/inhabited.

We were very sympathetic to her character especially towards the end.

This is where we get into the “call me a prude” territory. After around five minutes of her descent into sex parties, we started to think “enough already, we get it”. Plus, there was something unbelievable about that character inhabiting that world.

People have praised it as a beacon of addiction and certainly the description of her withdrawal from normal life is evocative.

The ending is superb but this reviewer thinks it saves the play as opposed to a fitting climax.

You had the feeling that the audience were a little bit non-plussed. You could tell as one regular to Theatre 2 turned to this reviewer and looked, well, a little bit non-plussed.

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David Forman
2023-03-14 15:44:16

Perhaps the play's character would have benefited more from a course in developing a professional CV rather than indulging in gratuitous casual sex?

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