Robert Halfon strikes deal to get Harlow potholes repaired

News / Tue 21st Mar 2023 at 03:08pm

HARLOW Member of Parliament, Robert Halfon, has secured a timetable of works to repair Harlow’s roads. The works, which will begin early in April, will repair the potholes along major routes in and around the town. 

For months, Harlow’s roads have been getting worse by the day, with more and more potholes being reported across the town, damaging cars and making journeys difficult and dangerous. Following active campaigning by Robert and Harlow’s County Councillors, Essex County Council has committed to extensive repairs across Harlow which will see work completed on the main roads around Harlow this spring. 

The timetable of works is as follows:

  • Week commencing 3rd April 2023 – First Avenue, Edinburgh Way and the A414
  • Week commencing 10th April 2023 – Southern Way, Commonside Road and Paringdon Road
  • Week commencing 17th April 2023 – Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Fifth Avenue and the A1019
  • Week commencing 24th April 2023 – Haydens Road, Velizy Avenue, Abercrombie Way, High Street and Partridge Road. 

This new schedule of work is on top of existing repairs planned and a timetable for May and June will follow shortly with more major roads scheduled for repair. 

Residents are reminded that they can also report new potholes directly to Essex Highways who will take action to assess, make safe and repair roads across the county. You can do this online at https://www.essexhighways.org/tell-us/problem-check

Confirming the work, Robert commented, “I have been working hard for many months to tackle our pothole problem. Made worse by the bad weather this winter, the potholes have become the bane of our lives, making travel in our town difficult and with the potential to cause damage to our cars and vans. 

“I have had many meetings with Essex County Council and have invited Cllr Lee Scott, the person in charge of Essex’s roads, to Harlow to see the situation for himself. Potholes are a county wide problem and I welcome the extra £9 million pledged by Essex County Council to address this, supported by a further £5 million confirmed last week by the Chancellor on top of the existing budgets. 

“But I am delighted with today’s good news – we now have a timetable of work to repair our roads. Whilst it won’t fix every single pothole, it is a very good start and will address the vast majority especially on the major roads in and out of our town. Further works will begin in May and June with more roads scheduled for repair. 

“I would like to thank Cllr Lee Scott and the Harlow Conservative Councillors who have worked hard alongside me to get this problem resolved.”

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21 Comments for Robert Halfon strikes deal to get Harlow potholes repaired:

Peter Henegan
2023-03-21 15:14:58

How about the cycle tracks. I was nearly run over by cyclists riding on path at The Hides inderpass because the cycle track was too dangerous. Still, some repairs are better than nothing

Raymond blow
2023-03-21 15:26:10

Stop the hgv lorry’s coming through the town make them go around the town like they were supposed to do & charge them to come through the town

2023-03-21 15:58:36

As an article also on this page shows, it will take 14 billion pounds and 11 years to clear the pothole backlog. So I for won't be holding my breath. Anyway, Halfons backlog if unfilled promises hardly inspire confidence.

Bob Davis
2023-03-21 16:06:24

The band played believe it if you will

Nicholas Taylor
2023-03-21 17:00:03

Got a feeling there is an election coming up soon?

David Forman
2023-03-21 17:27:24

I predict these repairs will suddenly stop after the local elections in May. Typical Tory spin.

Cllr James Griggs (Lab)
2023-03-21 18:24:44

Nice to see the power of protest and a petition is finally taking effect. Such a shame that Cllr Lee Scott declined my invitation to come to Harlow, does rather look like it’s the Tories noticing an election is imminent. That said, on 21st January we were told by Harlow Council Leader Russell Perrin that immediate works would start on First Ave (that very night). It appears that immediate in the eyes of him and ECC is actually something in the order of 4 months! Breath will not be held until this work actually starts and then we can judge the quality. Patch and go is just not gonna be good enough.

Terry Kirkby
2023-03-21 19:43:56

All if you take note of the large pot holes you can clearly see that they are as a result of poor repairs by contractors IE BT, Virgin, Water board etc where they have not correctly reinstated the road surface. This must be addressed moving forward as it is so obvious that there should be a charge levied against contractors that dig up the roads and then don't fill the hole in correctly afterwards! The other point is that the so called speed humps made of rubber should be replaced, Repaired or even removed as they are being destroyed by the buses and heavy goods resulting in bolts sticking up and lumps of rubber spewed across the road!

Edward Huxtable
2023-03-21 20:15:03

Well Done RH . But I will believe it when I see it🤞

Danny Long
2023-03-21 21:02:33

Robert, you was supposedly given £25000000 back In 2017 to get these pot holes sorted out and that didn't happen. You Tories are just as bad as the Labour party, when it comes to lying No resident of Harlow/ Essex should pay Essex county council, their share of the council tax which they are asking from Harlow/ Essex residents. Not until we see a improvement on the repairs of the roads/ pavements in Harlow/ Essex None if you political parties will be getting mine or my wives vote. Your all only in it for yourselves and your own back pockets. Not for the number one priority of Harlow/Essex. The residents. The residents of Harlow will receive a better service from a ashtray on a motorbike compared to the service we receive from Tory administrated Essex county council, when it comes to the state of The roads and pavements in Harlow/Essex.

Luke Burton
2023-03-22 00:03:23

Why did a "deal" need to be struck? Surely regular maintenance and repair of our roads which we pay for in taxes should be a given. The people of Harlow should not have to go to County Hall in Chelmsford with a begging bowl asking Sir for more gruel to fill the roads.

Bruce Downey
2023-03-22 07:22:51

Also the cycle tracks have not been completely rid of potholes! Work started and improvements made but seems to have stopped, when the Job is only half-done why?

Chris Piper
2023-03-22 09:13:11

You’re my councillor too Robert. I live in Nazeing and to get anywhere due to the bridge closure is a joke. Dangerous isn’t the word for it! To go from Nazeing to Harlow via Nazeing common is life threatening when you get to the T junction on Epping road. The huge potholes stretch across all of the road. To go from Nazeing to hoddesdon via Dobbs Weir is lethal! When will you get this sorted. Or maybe you won’t as Nazeing is an area of wealth for the most part and full of conservative voters!!!

Edward Vine
2023-03-22 09:40:14

Grant Shapps set up a team and project to accelerate a highly eco damaging road building programme: so whilst existing roads are failing apart we got J7a and the new Eastern raised road culverted barrier Crossing that'll damage the ecology of the Stort and both of which will create more congestion and hgv road damage. Doesn't look like a coherent plan. Also, just like the waste wars between local authorities it shows that the way services are divided into competing parochial patches things just don't work. Of course Harlow could set up tolls for people travelling from Herts and other areas outside of our town to pay to travel on pot hole free roads. Local passports next: anyone remember "Passport to Pimlico "?

Ray Thackeray
2023-03-22 09:45:27

Momples Rd is Brad Pitt again. Only been a month.

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-22 10:05:36

Why should a deal have to be done.? your main focus s, are on Regeneration that's why . While everything else around us crumble s. Our roads, our cycle tracks , paths, have had years of neglect. From labour and from conservatives. May be you should concentrate more on making those save, RATHER THAN GOING AROUND RIPPING OUR TRESS DOWN. Which is a disgrace by the way. People can see what's happening it's all geared up for regeneration, if it don't make money ya not interested. Public options mean nothing, our voices shut down, as this has been proven.

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-22 10:08:07

Edward you are spot on, all ready if your car doesn't pass emissions at high beach, you will pay. It's restricted movement.

James B
2023-03-22 17:11:39

Raymond, the HGV traffic would of been sorted if Robert kept to his promise of a bypass 13 years ago.

Can drive in a straight line again
2023-03-22 18:09:05

Let's hope they do them properly. Rather than just plonk a lump of tarmac over it. Need to prepare surface and properly do it or it will just come straight back out .

Darren Franklin
2023-03-23 12:35:33

Raymond blow - Unfortunately, what was once a town "through route" is now heavily congested due to retail parks etc. It's easier and more fuel efficient for HGVs to use mid-town routes to get from the M11 to the northern section of the A414, rather than Edinburgh Way nowadays.

Mike M
2023-04-26 00:50:34

Fifth Avenue has still not had work started on it, there are some extremely large pot holes that I have reported many times and they are getting bigger and more likely to cause damage to our cars! Please can you say when Fifth Avenue will be addressed?!

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