Banana Moon Day Nursery praised after inspection by Ofsted

Education / Thu 23rd Mar 2023 at 12:18pm

A HARLOW nursery has been highly praised by government inspectors Ofsted.

Banana Moon Day Nursery is based at the Netteswell Hall Annexe, Netteswell Orchard, Park Lane.

The report states:

Children enjoy their time in this welcoming nursery. They form secure attachments with staff and seek them out for a cuddle and reassurance when needed. This helps children feel safe and secure. Children are polite and use good manners, without the need to be reminded. Children play cooperatively together and take turns as staff provide positive reinforcement and praise them. Staff are on hand to offer reminders of ‘walking feet’ and ‘quiet voices’ when necessary, to help affirm the nursery rules.

Children receive a broad range of learning experiences that help them to develop the skills they need to succeed. They are curious learners who are keen to join in, and show good levels of engagement. Children enjoy playing outside in the garden. They continue activities linked to a story they have been reading. Children make ‘magic potions’, mixing herbs and spices in bowls. They show that they are extending their vocabulary as they use new words in their play. For example, staff explain to the children that the red spice is ‘paprika’. Children later use these words in their play. For example, children later tell visitors that they are adding ‘hot paprika’ into the volcano to make some more ‘lava’.

The full report can be found below.


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