Teaching unions issue joint statement over cuts plans at REAch2 Academy schools

Education: Primary / Fri 24th Mar 2023 at 08:25am

A NUMBER of teaching unions have expressed their concerns over “plans to imposes cuts” in schools run by REAch2 Academy.

The schools in Harlow run by REAch are: Pemberley Primary Academy, Water Lane Primary Academy and Newhall Primary Academy.

The joint statement by the unions is below.

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8 Comments for Teaching unions issue joint statement over cuts plans at REAch2 Academy schools:

adam taylor
2023-03-24 08:44:52

If there is no money or cash flow issues then they have to reduce head count. It is that simple and something unions miss time and time again.

gary roberts
2023-03-24 09:45:25

No money: are you sure? This disgusting government has money to deliver an excellent and professional service to all schools, academy or otherwise. They know it and the schools know it. But over at least the last thirteen years this government has deprived the schools of investment in its infrastructure, its staff and its teachers. Mr. Halfon should be ashamed of himself at allowing this to happen particularly as his so called passion is for education. Thankfully, I think the electorate are also getting the message and will vote accordingly: or will they? I hope so!

Edward Vine
2023-03-24 10:22:03

Yes we all remember the good old days, not so many years ago, 40 to 50 children in a class: whilst the private fee paying schools considered a "large class" was 12 to 15 students. Great "fun" then teaching a chemistry class in a classroom (not a lab) of 44 Typical of "small government " party policies, since, reduce the workforce, reduce spending on buildings and facilities then everyone can exercise the "right to spend their money as they wish" going private. Recognise the pattern? NHS, Housing, Railways, Energy (in backing centralized power non green generation). I wonder, how is it that the chief proponents of such policies are all multi millionaires, Ritchie, Reece?

Shelley Fuller
2023-03-24 12:14:56

People seem to be very quick to blame our government but this is down to the Trust. A trust who can justify making these changes to our schools whilst increasing their wage bill by over 40% in people who earn over £100k in the last 2 years. This has nothing to do with benefiting our children, if it did they would be looking at higher saving costs.

Edward Vine
2023-03-24 12:36:16

Shelly: Who run down LEA education and installed Trusts, MATs etc under the direct influence of Government??

gary roberts
2023-03-24 13:58:05

Ms. Fuller, these issues are serious and important to society and this disgusting government uses the commitment and dedication of all school staff to suggest they are greedy and unprofessional. The result: teachers contemplate suicide. And sadly some have completed that process. Mr. Halfon claims to have a passion for education so it is about time he showed it and supported all educational staff and their facilities. Will he do it? No!

Shelley Fuller
2023-03-24 15:07:30

But we need to remember this isn't teaching staff being affected and this is a "business" who are deciding to take these measures. As long as they get a fat pay cheque and bonus at the end they don't care

Someone who knows
2023-03-26 08:33:31

Was my post taken down, if so why? The post that followed and referred to mine has also disappeared?

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