Concerns over large number of job vacancies at Harlow Council

News / Sun 26th Mar 2023 at 11:16am

THE LEADER of the Harlow Alliance Party has expressed his concern over the large number of job vacancies at Harlow Council.

Nicholas Taylor asked the following questions at a Harlow Council Cabinet meeting on Thursday night.

Nicholas Taylor to Councillor Russell Perrin (Leader of the Council):

Having worked for Harlow Council for many years I know only too well that failing to fill vacancies as they occur can only mean two things, that is either a service is no longer provided or that a poorer service is provided. Having spoken to many residents across the town it is clear that they are not receiving the kind of service they should expect.

Will you please provide me with a list of jobs which have been permanently deleted since your administration took control of Harlow Council and a list of jobs which have not been deleted from the establishment but have been vacant for more than 6 months?

Reply from Councillor Russell Perrin (Leader of the Council):

I do not agree with your subjective assessment of this Council. Staff here continue to provide good quality services to the residents of the town during a period of pressure on the Council’s finances.

The Council current vacancies greater than six months is 40, this figure does reflect a period of control during Q3 and Q4 on vacancies whilst the Council was putting together its budget for 2023/24. These controls have now been removed and the Council is now actively recruiting for most of the posts, the remainder have either been unsuccessful in recruiting, subject to restructure and/or job evaluation prior to advertising.

The posts are:

Appeals Officer
Apprentice – Corporate and Governance Support Apprentice – Playhouse
Apprentice- Monitoring Officer (Planning) Assistant Solicitor/CILEX/Barrister
Cleaner (LMC)

Cleaner Playhouse
Clerk of Works
Clerk of Works
Empty Homes Officer
Empty Homes Technical Officer
Enforcement and Compliance Planning Officer Environmental Protection Officer

Estates Officer
Facilities Manager (Civic Centre)
Housing Business Analyst
Housing Fraud Officer
Housing Property Surveyor
Insurance and Risk Officer
Landlord Liaison Officer
Legal Assistant
Major Works and Disputes Resolution Officer
Planning Technical Officer
Playworker (Saturday)
Principal Environmental Health Officer
Principal Planning Officer (Development Management) Property Maintenance Officer
Rent Officer
Revenues and Benefits Officer (Generic)
Revenues and Benefits Officer (Generic)
Revenues and Benefits Officer (Generic)
Revenues and Benefits Officer (Generic) 16 hours Senior Landscape Officer
Senior Planning Officer
Senior Planning Officer (Development Plan)
Service Business Partner General Fund
Service Business Partner Housing
Systems Development Officer (0.8 FTE)
Treasury & Finance Manager
Visitor Information Point Assistant

In terms of the posts that have been deleted, they number 22. Nine of these posts relate to a management restructure in 2022. The remaining post deletions were as a result of the ending of a fixed term scheme or were deleted as a part of organisational restructure.

The posts are:

Place Brand Manager
Revenues and Benefits Manager Planning and Building Control Manager Environment and Licensing Manager

Housing Development and Regeneration Manager Human Resources Manager
Senior Housing Operations Manager – Property Environment and Licencing Manager

Senior Housing Operations Manager – People Systems Team Leader
Town Park Trainee (Kickstart)
Animal Carer and Education Officer Economic Development Trainee (Kickstart) Museum Trainee – Kickstart

Senior Service Accountant
Museum Trainee – Kickstart
Principal Finance Manager
Economic Development Advisor (CZA) Project Officer

Strategy and Economic Development Manager Care and Support Officer (LMC)
Director of Communities and Environment

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3 Comments for Concerns over large number of job vacancies at Harlow Council:

Edward Vine
2023-03-26 14:06:24

With so many key positions unfilled the natural question is: "Why?" Would Cllr Perin or anyone from the Council or any other party in office or who has insights kindly explain this failure to retain and recruit essential staff.

2023-03-26 18:20:33

There's only a few jobs on the council jobs page. Certainly not the large number listed above. Maybe that's why nobody's applied!

Matthew Gillman
2023-03-26 18:42:20

I neglected to include my surname in my post above. Sorry, readers!

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