Harlow Labour respond to parties’ ‘mission on crime.’ 

News / Sun 26th Mar 2023 at 10:49am

Harlow Labour respond to Labour’s ‘mission on crime.’ 

A spokesperson said: “Yesterday Labour set out our mission on crime, with ambitious, measurable, long-term promises to make Britain’s streets safer. After 13 years of Tory government, policing is yet another public service that is collapsing. The Tory hands-off approach has failed.  

Labour will overhaul policing in order to restore public trust. We will introduce mandatory, nationally set police vetting, to ensure only those who are fit to serve are able to become a police officer.  

There will also be a new focus on standards of leadership and training, alongside a renewed emphasis on tackling crime through neighbourhood policing, as part of a package of measures to tackle the toxic culture revealed in the Casey Review. 

 · The range of measures to restore public trust also includes:  

o Automatic bans for any potential applicants with a history of domestic abuse, indecent exposure, or sexual assault. 

 o New leadership training to overhaul culture within the police. 

 o 13,000 more neighbourhood officers and PCSOs. 

 o Specialist rape and sexual assault units in every force and domestic violence specialist call handlers in every 999-control room.  

o Specialist mandatory training for every officer, including on bias and violence against women and girls.  

o More routes into policing for people from every background, including direct routes into detective work. 

Harlow Labour Leader Chris Vince, who stood to be Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner in 2021, welcomed these policies stating: 

 ‘For too long the safety of our communities has been let down by over a decade of Conservative cuts to policing.  We need more police in our communities, listening to those communities and ensuring that they build trust in the police and that victims of crime feel they will get justice.  We also need a police force which is properly resourced and trained.  However, we also have a leader who recognises that access to justice doesn’t just end with policing and that backlogs in court waiting times also need to be urgently addressed. 

I want to pay tribute to Harlow Police for the hard work they do under increasingly difficult circumstances and welcome the news that the next Labour government will make policing and public safety a priority.’  

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10 Comments for Harlow Labour respond to parties’ ‘mission on crime.’ :

gary roberts
2023-03-26 11:27:21

Is that it? What about all the other services that make up the criminal justice system? No ambition it appears just more safety first approaches rather than a complete overhaul of the whole criminal justice system. New support and investment for every area from police, probation, courts, police stations, judges, PACE proactively updated regularly, technology advances, forensics, time scales, and prisons' renewal. And that is just to start. Then appoint ministers who have knowledge and skill sets to match these areas. And then instigate another Royal Commission on Criminal Justice updating and improving the 1993 version. Will Labour do it? No sadly!

Bruce Downey
2023-03-26 11:39:53

Mr Gary sadly Roberts lol

gary roberts
2023-03-26 11:54:27

Mr. Downey, I may be sad but so are many of the victims of crime who in many cases have to wait years to even get to court let alone have justice. The current back log of cases is criminal in its self. What is your answer to these issues?

Edward Vine
2023-03-26 12:06:49

Unfortunately what everyone seems to be missing here is that crime arises from a number of causes these include poverty, disadvantage, low skills economy, low wages and as far as youngsters being drawn into crime latchkey kids, the massive lack in youth services, clubs, activity centres, sports provision and opportunities in the arts all contribute and effectively make youngsters, the next generation of persistent offenders, more vulnerable to being pushed or drawn into criminal and antisocial behaviours. Schools should be resourced to do far more. The crack down on laughing gas announced by the government this week and endorsed by Labour shadow Lucy Powell is a prime example: Nitrous oxide consumption is a serious problem and contrary to Michael Gove's observation that young people are using small silver cartridges they now use large foot long medical canisters, but the the policing of the measures proposed will place a massive extra burden on the police who, if we look at how ineffective actions have been to tackle other drugs eg cannabis, steroids etc, are overloaded and have made little impact. Far better and far less cost to the public purse to focus on the social causes of crime, prevention, infrastructure, youth clubs, education and services and facilities that divert youngsters away from crime and anti social behaviour.

Edward Vine
2023-03-26 12:07:59

Tony Blair said it, "Tough on the causes of crime"

Adam Taylor
2023-03-26 13:07:00

It is time to be radical on crime, we need to end the war on drugs and legitimize them (people are not going to stop using them and the money spent by police, courts, prisons etc battling this is astronomical). We also need to send less people to prison it is pointless sending many non violent offenders to prison there are many different approaches which could be taken not only community service but more focused reform and restitution. Of course violent offenders, burglars, muggers, thieves etc should face a much stricter prison system with long sentences and actual focus on both punishment, reform and education. No one is going to do this as far politicians do not want to solve issues, they like to tinker around the edges and ensure the problem remains so they can offer to fix it again. It is also the easiest way to avoid too much criticism or bad press which is all they care about.

Peter Lamb
2023-03-26 21:29:06

Laughable that Labour start to talk tough on Crime when Keir Starmer and members of the Labour party were directly responsible for stopping the government deporting violent and dangerous criminals from the country. Seems like many politicians they will say anything to get a vote.

gary roberts
2023-03-27 06:35:18

It appears Mr. Downey doesn't have any comment to make on this issue. Instead just a rude and irrelevant observation.

Edward Vine
2023-03-27 08:15:49

Trouble is Peter is that some of the people ripping off Britain are already in Parliament. £10k a day consultancy fees instead of keeping their eye on the ball in their constituencies. Face it if any government had been effective on crime we wouldn't be where we are as a country. Note there are European countries where prisons are closing because their criminal justice and reform programmes are so effective.

Peter Henegan
2023-03-27 16:20:40

Adam Taylor, i agree, alcohol and tobacco are legal so why not other substances. Perhaps there would be far less crime if there were.

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