Harlow Labour leader slams Tory plans to fight crime

Crime / Thu 30th Mar 2023 at 07:21am

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour poured scorn on the latest Conservative plans for tackling anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Chris Vince said: The Conservative MP for Harlow’s announcement that his government is going to crack down on anti-social behaviour is a bit like a bank robber returning the loot they’ve stolen and then expecting a reward for it.

Only now, 13 years after they came to power, are the Conservative’s close to restoring policing numbers back to where they were in 2010. That’s 13 years with woefully inadequate numbers police officers our in communities, working with our communities and gaining the trust of our communities. So much local knowledge and expertise has been lost and although more police officers are to be welcomed they will, in effect, be starting from scratch.

Labour have said they will support the banning of laughing gas canisters but we also recognise this is nothing but a reactive response from the Government to a much bigger issue of substance abuse, and again 13 years of Conservative austerity are at the heart of the issue.

We know that Harlow police officers are more and more frequently becoming a one stop shop for many of the issues in our town which wouldn’t traditionally be in their remit.  The case in point is mental health services, which are chronically understaffed, under resourced and underfunded.

The new powers to evict tenants may sound great if you have a troubled neighbour but without anything else in place all it is going to do is increase the amount of homeless people in our town.  It is ironic that while the Conservative MP seeks to give Harlow council more powers his own government have cut so much of its budget that they don’t have the staff or resources to enact them anyway.

“Sadly this is another example of sticking plaster politics and I am pleased that the Labour Party recognise tackling crime and keeping communities safe is one of the central missions of the next Labour government and will seek to find real, long term, financed solutions to issues caused by 13 years of a failed Conservative government (some of which I mentioned in my previous article)”.

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8 Comments for Harlow Labour leader slams Tory plans to fight crime:

Peter Lamb
2023-03-30 08:47:56

When Labour talk about being tough on Crime never forget it was Starmer and the Labour party that fought to stop the government from deporting dangerous murderers and rapists from the UK with some of those going on to kill and attack people again. As a recent survey pointed out your more likely to be a victim of crime in a labour controlled area.

Edward Vine
2023-03-30 09:05:43

Peter if you look into a vast number of the details about particular offences, criminals travel and commit their crimes in areas well away from where they live. Examples see YH reports of crime here especially some of the most serious. Same in Stortford, same in comparable labour seats. You infer serious criminals are from abroad, vote Labour in such numbers that they live in Labour wards and then commit their crimes on their own patch. Might the logical thing be that inner cities are generally subject to more crime, more people live there and conditions are pretty awful. Would be interesting to look at crimes per head of pop and then see what the figures are like.

Edward Huxtable
2023-03-30 11:34:12

We properly would have had more police on the streets 13 years ago if the out going Labour Party had left any money in the kitty.

Gary Roberts
2023-03-30 11:48:23

Mr. Huxtable, your argument falters at 13 years because then we did have more police on them streets. As for no money in 2010, well that is surprising because MP' suddenly got a pay rise didn't they?

Nicholas Taylor
2023-03-30 15:59:14

I think the most telling thing I have heard about this whole subject was from a police officer in Staffordshire on a recent BBC Question Time when she basically said her force was overwhelmed with cases and the resources available were not enough. After some 13 years of the Tories being in power during which time police numbers dropped and have only recently been brought back up to 2010 levels, the UK population has increased by over 5 million and the number of crimes committed has also increased. So we should not bench mark 2010 figures, we need a huge increase in the number of police officers if the war against crime is to be won. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of the Harlow Alliance Party

Nick Churchill
2023-03-31 04:24:33

Mr Roberts and Mr Taylor your assumption about police numbers in Essex is incorrect In 2010 the Home Office Headcount of Police Officers in Essex was 3567 As of January 2023 (latest published figures) the Home Office Headcount of Police Officers in Essex was 3677 and is expected to increase to 3755 by the end of 2022/23. This information is available on the governments .Gov pages. I will let the published facts speak for themselves Councillor Nick Churchill. Conservative Party

Nicholas Taylor
2023-03-31 07:06:46

A 3% increase then since 2010. The most worrying thing however is the very poor clear up rate of offences. This must be due to a lack of resources, time needed to attend to and pursue cases. We all know for instance that if you are subject to a theft then at most all you can get from the police is a crime number for your insurance company. We need a HUGE increase in police numbers if we are ever going to be able to say that crime does not pay.

gary roberts
2023-03-31 07:25:41

Mr. Churchill, I know you believe that anything coming from the current Home Office is correct but really go and speak to those doing the policing job including the current chief constable of Essex before questioning the figures. Indeed the chief constable actually had a article on this organ recently on this issue. Then go and speak to the residents' of this town who rarely see a police officer on their street. In my area of Potter Street and indeed the whole of the CM17 area has one full-time officer and one part-time officer. Is that progress and if it is I would hate to know what you believe to be failure. In 2019 Mr. Halfon told me that the reason for a 32,000 case backlog in the courts was primarily due to a 2010 note in the Treasury. Now the backlog is over 60,000 and he still believes the same. You couldn't make it up, except he does very often!

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