Mindless yobs trash new plants in Harlow town centre

Crime / Wed 5th Apr 2023 at 02:36pm

HARLOW Council is disappointed to announce that several new plants installed in the East Gate area of the town centre have been vandalised overnight.

A spokesperson said: “We have CCTV footage of the incident and are working with Essex Police to investigate. Be assured that we will take firm action against vandalism and push for prosecution.

“This planting is part of the first phase of the planned regeneration of the town centre, and we want to reassure residents that we will not let vandals distract us from that”.

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11 Comments for Mindless yobs trash new plants in Harlow town centre:

Luke Burton
2023-04-05 16:14:08

It's Harlow. What do you expect?

2023-04-05 18:49:43

Fancy putting expensive plants there in the first place . We all know it would end up being damaged. Waste of money

Barbara Jarvis
2023-04-05 22:32:03

This isn't Harlow. It's a sespit called Gotham

2023-04-05 22:36:04

Luke/Jan - love (not) the positivity (not): there are lots of people working hard to make Harlow a pleasant place to live in, and for the most part they succeed brilliantly, so can we encourage them please?!

Kenneth Johnson
2023-04-05 23:40:25

Yes, there are a lot of people working hard to improve this town. Unfortunately there are others working hard to bring it down to their own moronic level. People without the intelligence for respect for others. Their own lives are pointless, so they want to make everyone else's the same

Terry Kirkby
2023-04-06 06:00:55

O Dear not good but hey pick them up and push them back in the pots! Going by the photos they have just been pulled up and thrown! It really isn't rocket science to pick them up and push them back in. But NO lets get a camera and take our time and walk around taking a photo! Do we all honestly agree that there is so much boredom in the town for the youngster's that a moment of madness paints the whole town a terrible place! I thought I read just last week that we were getting extra Police and they would be taking a zero tolerance towards this sort of mindless act. But no it still goes on and it will unless you deal with the grass route issues for kids Boredom! Remember prevention is better than trying to act when the crime has been committed! The whole concept of a tidy town is work together and not work against like most political parties and councillors in our town!

Bruce Downey
2023-04-06 07:45:12

Also, noticed when passing yesterday a sapling tree had been yanked sideways to the ground! 😡🤬

Edward Vine
2023-04-06 08:59:51

Terry is right. "It takes a village to raise a child" and an investment in youth via clubs, activities, sports, better education and careers. Then they'll be more proud of their town and be more likely plant trees than destroy them. It's not rocket science more like social science. Unfortunately simply paying for more policing fundamentally doesn't solve the causes of antisocial behaviour and a drift into criminality. .

Bruce Downey
2023-04-06 09:14:26

Labour wasted years doing nothing and let the town centre die of neglect! It’s a shock to the system for some (mental breakdown) to see improvements happening at last.

Matthew Gillman
2023-04-06 12:24:36

"It's Harlow. What do you expect?" When I moved to Harlow in 1995 I was astonished by the negative attitude about the town held by many of its inhabitants. Should we ignore bad things? No. But continually talking the place down will help perpetuate the negative self-image. To quote the Bible: "The tongue has the power of life and death" (Proverbs 18:21a, NIV).

David morton
2023-04-06 22:50:07

Where's the cctv???

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