Ninety-year-old Hilda takes her battle to see the No 9 bus to Harlow Council

General / Fri 7th Apr 2023 at 01:34pm

TUMBLER Road resident, Hilda Cook went to a meeting of Harlow Council to make an appeal over there possible loss of the No 9 bus service.

Question: I’m Mrs Hilda Cook. I’m 90 years old and I’ve dealt with quite a few challenges during my life, including going on a lengthy strike because my employer refused to recognise our trade union. I was blacklisted and lost my job … but I was far from beaten.

This is my current campaign. If people cannot get out of their homes they become isolated, depressed and lonely. That can be extremely dangerous. If they can’t afford taxis, they’re trapped. Workers and students, like older people, depend on public transport (which should be publicly-owned and publicly-run, in my opinion!).

Hundreds of people depend on the Number 9 bus service. We won’t be able to get to work, to school, to the shops or to hospital.I know that you councillors care about out wellbeing. You care about what’s happening to us.

Whilst Harlow Council doesn’t control the bus service, it has plenty of influence. It has ideas, interest and initiative. We need your help now.What will you do to support Harlow residents at the mercy of bus service stoppage?

Reply from Councillor Russell Perrin (Leader of the Council):

Thank you Mrs Cook for raising this question. I agree with you that bus services are vital to many people and for some buses are the only affordable mode of transport. I also agree with you that if people cannot get out of their homes they can rapidly become isolated, depressed and lonely.

Loneliness, for what it is worth, in my opinion is a cruel infliction which we all have a duty to eliminate. As you will hear in my answer to Cllr Vince, I have asked officers to refer this to our bus users group to see what can be done. I also give you my personal assurance that I shall keep a close eye on the work of the bus user group and offer them any support I can to raise awareness of this important issue.

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8 Comments for Ninety-year-old Hilda takes her battle to see the No 9 bus to Harlow Council:

Carol Gardiner
2023-04-07 20:32:58

Bravo Hilda.

Edward Vine
2023-04-08 07:59:29

One of the reasons we need a publically own bus service because the costs of isolation, depression and all other health impacts on people not being able to enjoy a healthy social and active lifestyle far outweighs that of running bus service. Also a bus route stimulates businesses, shops and development and can bring economic benefits.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-04-08 09:35:13

And we are expected to believe the supporters of HGGT when they say that in future most journeys taken will be using a bus, a bike or by walking. The fact is, across the country bus travel has fallen by 50% in the last decade or so. Reduced timetables, unreliable time keeping, routes being cut, noisy buses and pot holed roads are at the heart of this decline and this is set to continue as car manufacturers develop driverless and electric cars.

Harry Goldsmith
2023-04-08 10:35:08

If the No9 goes ,we will all be prisoners in Manor hatch close. Our life line to humanity and interact with others in the high , I go twice a week and spend most of the day ,chatting, laughing, a snack and come home feeling well that's made my day worth getting up for , GOD SAVE THE NO9 BUS !!!!

Edward Vine
2023-04-08 10:49:29

Real transformation of transport and health outcomes isn't possible in the uk whilst the government doesn't understand it's supposed green responsibilities. Holland has always had a reputation for green transport and the impression is that they've always used bicycles but not true. See Dutch Cycling Embassy Facebook https://dutchcycling.nl/ When car ownership rapidly increased many Dutch cities became congested and polluted. If our planners, Councils and government cared to look they'll see how the uk approach is insignificant compared to what is being achieved just over the Channel.

Mark Monger
2023-04-09 07:42:58

Auntie Hilda fantastic 👏 xx

Kim osborn
2023-04-09 14:21:00

Their answer is that the residents of tumbler road can use the number 10 that runs along 2nd avenue or the 420 along tillwicks rd. while this is true the reality is: there is no crossing on second avenue at the Nicholsfield stop show you have a death defying feat to cross or an extended journey round the whole of church Langley to exit the bus on the safe side of the road. With the 420 there is a long walk either from the phonix pub on tilwick rd or an equally long one from passmores school on southern way. As many of us are elderly disabled or have young children in to this is very unsatisfactory as well as dragging shopping home too.

Miss Samantha j batt
2023-06-05 07:26:12

Iam sorry if sound harsh But maddox Road have not had bus route they we have same problem elderly people and we had excuses after excuess the bus can't fit down Road They re route bus down maddox Road and make all day stop they work and school time what about people have medical appointments or visting at hospital So re route bus

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