Veteran and much respected councillor Jean Clark makes her final speech

News / Fri 7th Apr 2023 at 02:18pm

LABOUR’S veteran councillor Jean Clark made her final appearance at a council meeting last night.

The Little Parndon and Hare Street councillor has been an elected representative for decades but even to this day, the 90-year-old veteran retains a keen, political eye that you just have to admire.

On many occasions, Jean can sump up an agenda item or a matter for debate in a single sentence.

Last year, when plans for over 800 new homes were put in front of the planning committee, cllr Clark stood up and said: “The one thing we don’t need in Harlow is more unaffordable homes…”

So it was a sad day, when Jean rose to her feet to make her final speech.

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6 Comments for Veteran and much respected councillor Jean Clark makes her final speech:

Pat Roberts
2023-04-08 09:16:20

Well done Jean! Brilliant service for the people of Harlow.

Adam Taylor
2023-04-08 10:16:26

We should not be celebrating long public service, it should be a short term of service not a career. We badly need term limits to stop these professional politicians like Jean and Andrew - Lets remember Andrew panicked when he saw people in a play ground in the plandemic and closed all playgrounds impacting the poorest in society, based on the argument there were ambulances queuing out side PAH- well that happens every year.

Cllr Jodi Dunne
2023-04-08 10:57:35

It's been an absolute and genuine honour to have been in the same council group as Jean. She commands respect across the chamber like no other from her dedication and longevity as a councillor and local activist. I'm 100% sure Jean will continue to be a leading light on the local Labour CLP and an inspiration to us all.

Mark Gough
2023-04-08 13:48:51

Blimey - I day nobody expected to see. Few give the length of public service to our town that Jean has - and for that alone she deserves respect and thanks from us all. Whatever our political differences is it damn near impossible not to like Jean, let alone admire and thank her for what's she's done. Happy retirement Jean! Best wishes, Mark Gough - Reform UK

Nicholas Taylor
2023-04-08 15:05:08

I have known Jean for over 30 years and I can confirm that she has worked tirelessly for so many residents during that time. In her parting speech she mentioned the Councils move to decentralise and democratise it's service back in the 1990's of which she was an advocate, it is a shame that the Council moved away from that model of service provision, now it is almost impossible to speak face to face with anyone in charge of a service. I am afraid Adam that for the most part young people do not want to take on such roles if only because they have full time jobs. It is a thankless task, open to more and more abuse than ever before. In conclusion, Jean, have a long and happy retirement, you deserve it. Nich Taylor

Tony Durcan
2023-04-08 15:14:30

Jeans commitment has never been about being a professional politician but from a deep sense of injustice in society. She speaks for the people with no voice. Jean has speaks not because it’s popular thing to say but speaks with honesty and integrity about difficult issues. Anyone who has spent any time with Jean will know you’re dealing with the real deal. The new generation of pretend politicians can learn the real value of being a community leader and community champion. Her wisdom and humanity will be a lasting legacy to those who are open minded and willing to accept challenge. A proud champion and someone many admire, we will miss her in committee and in the chamber. A joyous and wonderful friend.

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