Harlow Alliance Party launch local election campaign

News / Sun 16th Apr 2023 at 08:15am

THE Leader of the Harlow Alliance Party, Nicholas Taylor, has launched the Party’s Local Election campaign by saying “It is time for change, there is no place for national political rivalries in your Council”.

Mr Taylor said: “Across the UK millions of voters are turning their backs on the two main political parties, many are now voting for independent councillors, not wedded to Westminster, who are  making a difference to where people live and work whether it is a town the size of Loughton or one like Guildford.

The Harlow Alliance Party is fielding three candidates in May’s election, in parts of the town where both the Conservative and Labour Party have let residents down. Who remembers the Conservative pledge of 2012 to stop thousands of homes being built on Harlow borders, developments which will hugely affect those of us already living in the town.

“The Harlow Alliance Party is campaigning on a number of key issues which show a clear difference from the two main political Parties:

In years to come the pressure to build on Harlow’s green spaces will no doubt continue to grow. The Harlow Alliance Party has already helped residents in 14 local areas to seek what is known as a Community Right to Bid (CRB). At any time in the future the Council may wish or have to sell land to priviate developers. If so, a CRB gives the local community the first chance to buy the land in order to keep it as an open space.

Space to build homes in Harlow is scarce and should be used to best advantage. To do so, every new home should be built for older residents, who would then be able to vacate their existing home which would allow a family on Harlow Councils Housing Register to move into. 

Residents are asked to take more pride in their housing estate but how can they do this when despite the rhetoric from both main Parties, it is clear that not enough is being done to maintain council owned houses. The Harlow Alliance Party would seek a planned programme of external repairs and painting works so that residents can take pride in the council house they occupy.

“For many older residents, expectant mums and those with young children the prospect of visiting local shopping centres and places like the Town Park can be difficult when they know there are no public toilets nearby. The Harlow Alliance Party believe that existing public toilets should be re-opened and new ones built, even if they are open for just a few hours each day.

Both main Parties are prone to wasting our money on vanity projects, ones that do very little to help residents. Market Square comes to mind where hundreds of thousands of pounds has been spent to date. The Harlow Alliance Party believe that spending millions of pounds relocating Harlow’s bus station just a few yards from the present one is another prime example. The Harlow Alliance Party would ensure proper, extensive and timely consultation takes place with residents prior to any major work taking place.

“The Harlow Alliance Party hopes that residents living in the Wards of Great Parndon, Sumners and Kingsmoor and Staple Tye take the opportunity on May 4   to use their vote to lead the change towards an independent led Council”.

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4 Comments for Harlow Alliance Party launch local election campaign:

Barry Rogers
2023-04-16 09:40:45

To the best of my knowledge no new build bungalows for seniors/special needs being built. I want to downsize my 4 bedroom house but where do I go to downsize ??

Peter Scally
2023-04-16 15:10:02

I agree it is time for a change from the two main parties but precisely where will other 'independants' be standing on 4th May?

David Forman
2023-04-16 19:52:51

Perhaps new rules on Houses of Multiple Occupation to maintain their front gardens and have adequate number of bins for their rubbish would help the look of estates?

Nicholas Taylor
2023-04-20 23:24:10

The article should read the Conservative pledge of 2021.

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