Harlow Labour leader in positive mood following local election results

Elections / Fri 5th May 2023 at 03:01am

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour was also in positive mood following the local election results.

Councillor Chris Vince also took the opportunity to thank voters.

Cllr Vince said: “A big thank you to everyone who came out to vote for Labour across Harlow on Thursday. We increased our vote share in almost every ward compared to 2022 with many people fed up with the Conservatives failure to deliver on many of their promises. 

Congratulations to all our elected Councillors and comiserations to those candidates unsuccessful this time. A good result for Harlow Labour, winning the majority of wards and winning the popular vote.

We will keep working in our communities and listening to residents.

“However, if we can replicate that result next year we will take back control of the council and be in pole position to win the next General Election”.

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9 Comments for Harlow Labour leader in positive mood following local election results:

Dec Han
2023-05-05 06:58:03

To those people who just couldn’t be bothered to get out and vote thank you so much now we’re stuck with the Tories for another 4 years OMG!!!! Don’t just say there all the same as no other political party has pulled the strokes the mainstream Tory Party has, the thing to remember is the corruption starts at local level, the time for change has long passed this chance has gone sadly so don’t sit on your hands for the General Election you moan about the lying Tory Party that’s corrupt to the core but do nothing about it but grumble amongst yourselves so VOTE VOTE VOTE but only one VOTE PER PERSON!!

2023-05-05 07:28:34

Not impressed with having to show photo I’d in order to vote an outrageous attack on democracy

gary roberts
2023-05-05 08:17:31

Dec Han just for information: All 33 councillor' posts in Harlow are being contested next year as a result of boundary changes. Not in four years time.

Anthony Thompson
2023-05-05 08:44:25

You only got an increase in voters because ukip did not have any candidates

David Forman
2023-05-05 10:48:51

Labour are winning seats off the Tories up and down the country, except in Harlow. An abysmal performance with a few notable exceptions, such as in Sumners and Kingsmoor. The problem with Labour in Harlow is the leader. Time for Chris Vince to stand down as leader of the Labour Group.

David Forman
2023-05-05 10:57:49

I forgot to say the Labour performance so bad that they lost a seat in Staple The.

Ben Smeed
2023-05-05 18:06:17

People need to stop being so thick and voting conservative! They don't care about you!

Daft Voter
2023-05-06 12:03:42

May the farce be with you.

Nick Gunning
2023-05-06 13:51:05

The Tories should not have got away with the council tax deceit- they 'froze' it, but the precepts for the County Council, police etc were increased by the maximum- they're all a continuum of Tories, not a separate mob in reality. Then they increased council rents by 7-8%, so those with least pay most, an extra £400+ Meanwhile roads and pavements are deathtraps, library services starved and schools handed over to private corporations. And there's the dead-cat hospital project- no doubt those millions designated for this ill- conceived project will have been spent on the usual consultants etc. The people will have to choose next year between Starmer, whatever their view of his personality, or whichever is the Tories' PM of the month, next May!

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