Harlow Council agrees to back job evaluations for HTS workers

Business / Tue 9th May 2023 at 04:14pm

HARLOW Council has agreed to back job evaluations for HTS workers which is part of a pay dispute between HTS and Unite members.

The council’s Local Authority Trading Company, HTS, have put forward a job evaluation scheme proposal to Unite. If agreed HTS will start the job evaluation exercise over the coming weeks. HTS provides a range of environmental and housing maintenance services on behalf of the council.

The council’s Chief Executive, Andrew Bramidge has made a commitment to HTS that the council will work with them to ensure that the outcomes of the job evaluations are funded. He said:

“Harlow Council, as shareholder of the company, expects HTS to honour the outcome of the evaluation and we are committed to working with HTS to ensure that it is funded. It is important that HTS staff are on the right pay scales for the jobs they do, and the job evaluation process will identify this.”

Negotiations brokered by ACAS have been ongoing between HTS and Unite to resolve the pay dispute and further meetings have taken place.

Nationally negotiations have also been taking place on a pay increase for council workers in the current financial year (from April 2023 onwards). The national employers have made a full and final offer of £1,925 on all pay scales which is in addition to the same pay increase council and HTS workers received last year. Consultation with the trade unions is continuing at a national level and the unions are consulting their members. The final national pay increase would be on top of any changes to pay grades at HTS following the job evaluation exercise.

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14 Comments for Harlow Council agrees to back job evaluations for HTS workers:

2023-05-09 16:41:53

Here we go again, wasting more money on paper jobs that achieve nothing but keep people in jobs who can't do the job, pay the workers instead

steve black
2023-05-09 16:51:27

Hate this, they can"t cut the grass properly or leave loads of grass uncut still growing with spent daffodils so it still looks bad, " give it a quick skim and where the daffs come up let all grow with till they rot down...save the council fuel and effort and money!

Bruce Downey
2023-05-09 16:57:37

A stitch in time saves nine..💷

Cllr Nick Churchill
2023-05-09 18:35:30

@Steve Black, If you want daffodils in the next year you have to allow the bulbs to store energy and they do that through the leaves, that is why they are allowed to to remain until they go brown.

Andy kewin
2023-05-09 21:50:20

If they was paid Performance related pay they'd end up owing money!!! Shambolic outfit, totally not fit for purpose!!

2023-05-09 22:20:04

Cowboys, not fit for purpose.

2023-05-10 06:29:51

They need to go sort out the river stort can't even fish down there anymore as its so over grown its just been neglected

2023-05-10 11:11:18

How about HTS pay the staff on the pay scale that Harlow Council are working on. This is how all Tupe'd employees used to be graded. There is now a £4000 deficit

David Forman
2023-05-10 17:00:32

Glad to see Harlow Council have seen sense over the grading issue. Let's see if it is a delaying tactic or a genuine desire to treat their workforce fairly!

David Vincent
2023-05-10 17:02:11

Nice to see a councillor, Nick Churchill, knows something about plants l, plus there are other councillors who know.

Steve Crewe
2023-05-11 19:33:50

Why do my comments get deleted? Nick Churchill must know the editor. Still soon I will have the police videos saying that I threatened him via private message. Showing either he or the police lied about it.

John Wright
2023-05-11 20:06:21

Nick Churchill using the police the way he did, has cost over £20,000 of rate payers cash. Why did he act like that

Lisa Johnson
2023-05-11 21:26:38

Until I saw the video on Facebook,I did not believe a Councilor would do something like that. Nick Churchill is a disgrace. A few emails and a police warning.

Steve Crewe
2023-05-11 22:34:57

This is going to be interesting. I am going to ask Harlow police and Councilor Nick Churchill the same question under FOI. Did the police make up a story saying they had seen a private threatening message from me threatening Nick Churchill to shut me up,or did Nick Churchill show the police a fake message. As someone pointed out after seeing the police video,as both can't be telling the truth. The problems this has caused me have been terrible. As the police seemed to have lost several of their videos I appeared in,I am not sure who lied. And yes I still worry about the repercussions ,I want the truth and an apology. As for saying that sending four polite emails to a Councilor is harassment, that is just a joke.

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